Beau is a 2 and 1/2 year old Golden Retriever/White German Shepard mix with no history of aggression or biting. But after Beau killed a duck that wandered on to his own property, he was seized by animal control and the city of Dyersburg, TN plans to euthanize him as a “vicious animal.”

Beau should not be killed for this reason and should be able to live out his life with his owner, Danny Higgins. Danny is heartbroken at the thought that the city plans to euthanize his beloved dog on November 20th.

Danny now has to visit Beau in boarding where the city is forcing him to stay. And on top of this, they’re charging him to keep Beau there.

Beau does not deserve a death sentence – he was just being a dog. Please support Danny and Beau and tell the city of Dyersburg, TN not to kill Beau!   By Karol Wilcox                                                                                                                     Hayti, Missouri

This is beyond ridiculous.    In most cases an animal shelter would have more compassion for a dog, such as the Humane Society.   Animal control in some cities are just “dog catchers”, detain them for a while until they can get an owner to come claim them with a heavy fine.  Usually if the animal is there for too long they are put down.  Animal control usually picks up strays or run-aways; or a dog that is too aggressive or has bitten someone.

Beau, was minding his own business, was not running loose, Beau was on his own property.   Beau did what came instinctively, he killed a duck.   Ducks are birds; if this duck had been a sparrow, Beau would still be home enjoying his life, nothing said, nothing done.

Animal control in Dyersburg, TN and the judge obviously do not understand laws of nature.   If Beau were a wolf or a coyote it would be natural for the duck to become Beau’s prey.   Is animal control going to hide in the woods and watch animal’s kill and feed off of other animals; capture and take them before a judge.   No, of course not, at least I don’t think so but when you start questioning the intelligence of people in leadership and public service roles, you have start wondering.  Whether a small community or a federal agency stupidity reeks on all levels.

Domestic pets, especially dogs still have certain instincts.   Some dogs were bred to hunt…….yes ducks.   Beau may have felt he was protecting his property.  By the way, ducks have been known to be aggressive as well; I don’t know if it was in this case, it doesn’t matter.

I have a Siberian Husky, she roams in her fenced in yard.   Possums and raccoons frequently invade her space at night and they can be mean.   Guess what, they don’t leave the yard alive,   My dog Sky is gentle as a kitten, but she will defend her turf and herself.   They are domestic pets, but they are still animals, and they have certain animal instincts; it is part of their survival.

The gentleman, Karol Wilcox who introduced this story above has a petition, with nearly 400,000 signatures to save Beau.   Take a good look at that photo on top; Beau really looks vicious doesn’t he?

If you are interested in promoting the petition to save Beau, here is a link at the bottom.       Thank you, and Beau will thank you.




  1. SAVE BEAU Petition has been signed by 614,765 people and has gone international.

    Beau is still be held at the shelter and this is what Danny Higgins lawyers are dealing with now:
    Judy Hyder WRITE the Aldermen and email the Mayor: Board of Aldermen
    Dyersburg City Hall
    425 W. Court Street
    P. O. Box 1358
    Dyersburg, TN 38025-1358

    An Open Letter to:

    Mssrs Robert Taylor, Jr., Terry Glover, Dennis Moody, Kevin Chaney, Bob Kirk, Bart Williams, and Mmes Joan Wyatt and Jewell Horner

    Dear Aldermen for the City of Dyersburg,

    Do you know that the “vicious dog ordinance” in Dyersburg (City
    Ordinance § 10-221) is illegal and unenforceable under Tennessee Law? If you don’t please look at Tenn. Code Ann. § 44-17-120, which
    specifically prohibits a town the size of Dyersburg from adopting such
    an ordinance. Your ordinance has been void and unenforceable since it
    was adopted in 1978.

    Do you know that any and all citizens who
    have been cited under your City Ordinance § 10-221 and/or who have been ordered to comply with your Ordinance § 10-222 since they were enacted are going to be owed restitution and damages payable by the City?

    Do you know that pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 44-17-403, which was enacted in 2000, any person, including a government entity (like a
    City), who wrongfully or unlawfully kills someone’s pet dog is also
    liable for noneconomic damages of up to $5,000? Do you know how many dogs the City of Dyersburg has euthanized under its illegal ordinance since 2000?

    Do you know how much the Board of Aldermen has
    approved in attorneys’ fees during the past three months of 2014 to
    enforce this illegal ordinance in order to euthanize just one dog? And,
    do you know that every time the City has gone to court to try to
    euthanize this one dog the City has been represented by not one, but
    four lawyers? Do you know why the City has been represented by, and has been paying, four lawyers?

    Do you know that you cannot recoup any of the money that has been paid to all of these lawyers to enforce an illegal ordinance and kill just one dog?

    If you didn’t know any of these things, why don’t you ask Mayor Holden? He knows. He just hasn’t been telling you. And soon all the citizens of Dyersburg are
    going to know too.

    2) Contact the Mayor and ask him to have the
    charges against Danny withdrawn. Tell him you know the Ordinance is
    illegal and unenforceable and the Citation was invalid and that this has
    gone too far.
    P.S. I have shared this with my State Representative and he is seriously concerned about Beau and the State Law violation.
    Thank you,


  2. The editor of the State Gazette in Dykesburg,TN wrote an editorial about Beau and here are my comments to the editor:
    Mr. Smith – You stated in your editorial that if Beau were your dog he wouldn’t have been left at the Humane Society (by court Order) for even 2 days, especially if you could do something about it. Really, If your dog was labeled vicious by a judge and you knew in your heart that it wasn’t true, you would just roll over and pay the fines, house him in a cage/pen, put a fence up and buy an insurance policy for a vicious dog? No, I don’t think so, not if you really loved your dog because the dog would have that label for the rest of his life. In addition, this would set an awful precedent. Our animals can’t speak, so we have to speak for them and protect them. That is what Danny Higgins is trying to do for Beau; all this man wants is to have the vicious label overturned. Danny Higgins knows that Beau is NOT vicious and so do 590,439 people who signed the petition for Beau. Beau has NO history of aggression or biting and he had a behavioral evaluation that showed that he is NOT vicious. Beau should NOT go to a foster home, as Beau did nothing wrong, and his owner did nothing wrong. A hardship has been placed on Mr. Higgins because Beau has been labeled something he is not.

    You also made a comment that Mr. Higgins and his attorneys are bringing unnecessary expenses to the City of Dyersburg, to which I say shame on the municipality for wasting taxpayers’ money to the tune of around $20,000.00. It can end right now. We need common sense and clear heads to admit that a mistake was made and Beau should be set free. We all go through life making decisions, some of which are right and others wrong, but it’s not to late to learn from these mistakes and make things right for Beau.

    Remember what Gandhi said:”the greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” The City of Dyersburg. TN should aspire to live up to that statement.

    — Posted by PAS on Sun, Nov 23, 2014, at 9:51 PM


    1. Great response to the editorial. The City of Dykesburg brought this upon themselves with such as ridiculous act. I guess they can’t admit their bad judgement and save face by ending this and making it right for Beau and Mr. Higgens.


  3. According to Friday’s publication of the Press Enterprise, a Lake Elsinore City, California, Councilman who was recently injured in a dog attack, wants to see the attacking dog’s life spared.

    While jogging on Thursday evening, a mastiff, who was being walked by a child, attacked Councilman Brian Tisdale, causing several injuries. Tisdale was treated at an area hospital and released.

    Tisdale described how the incident transpired:

    I came down the street and I just think because it was dark, he bolted, dragging the 10-year-old behind him and (the dog) grabbed my arm,”

    The large dog was taken by animal control to be held in mandatory quarantine – as long as it is the dog’s first attack, he will be spared. The man who was injured in the incident realized that circumstances played into the attack and he has stated that he does not want to see the dog be killed over what happened:

    “I just think it was the darkness and the movement, and he was probably protecting the 10-year-old. … If you’ve got a 150-pound dog and a 10-year-old, the 150-pound’s going to win.”

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    1. There is a change in the story where two children may have let beau off his chain, the children’s father is tied to the humane society in some way. Witnesses state the kids were seen entering the yard and a few minutes later Beau was no longer on his chain. one of the kids is saying beau tried to bite him but this is all confusing as there is no longer mention of a ducks, the father of the kids is pushing the death sentence, I am uncomfortable with the state of this case and the fact that Beaus owner should have been allowed to quarantine Beau at home. I had a dog that was a bit mental, it bit someone and animal control allowed me to quarantine the dog at home. This seems like an over-reach and perhaps an abuse of power.I have only passed on a version of the story that seems to indicate there are others involved in this story and I hate to think Beau would have to pay the price because a childs father is not pushing accountability of his own kids.


      1. Some kids are like little demons. But I do agree that home quarantine should have been allowed. I too have had home quarantine, when my male scratched a person and she said he bit her. She was shown to be a liar. Nevertheless, the dog does not deserve what is happening to him, and his owner must be devastated, all from something done, beyond the control of either the man or his dog. I don’t have anything against people having kids, but some kids need to be put on leashes.

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  4. Wow, what a vicious freaking dog! What kind of judge would rule such a dog vicious? I guess a judge who is full of hatred. We won’t go there today. But this poor man, having to pay for his dog being kept, and having to visit a dog that killed a damned duck? I fail to understand. How many dogs are used for duck hunting? Where the hell did this judge come from? New York city? What kind of attorneys are pursuing the death of this animal? What is this country becoming, a bunch of chemtrailed, radiated, babbling idiots?


      1. I most thoroughly enjoyed yours as well. Very professional, and well laid out. Loved your information. I don’t get a lot of time to explore other’s sites, but whenever someone pays attention to mine, I always review theirs. Show me yours, I’ll show you mine, I guess. Thanks for taking the time, I know you are at least as busy as I am!



      2. Sky. I like that. Yes, the Kugsha is much larger. The male in most of the pix got up to 325 pounds, he was bigger than life. I miss him. We have his full blood nephew now, and he brings a lot of joy.
        Thanks for sharing with me.


  5. I am just wondering what the president would think of this he knpws the law more than anybody I would love to hear his response to beau’so death sentence. Please help beau .

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  6. I have trouble with any form of government deciding what they are going to do with “MY” pet. It is within this breed of dog to hunt various animals and this should not shock people. What is more shocking is some idiot somewhere with some kind of authority thinks a death sentence is in order. This country is running off the rails, the people we need to have common sense are failing to grasp the concept of common sense. I have turned this matter over to my wife as she loves to attack an issue like this. Plus she is the main facebook user in my household.=)

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