Obama Plotting US Dollar and Stock Market Crash Prior to NOV 4 Elections

This story was researched and written too well not to have some merit. In any event, I believe Obama’s past decisions support the fact he would attempt if he (and his brain trust) thought he/they could pull it off. There is one word that totally describes Obama and his administration: TREASONOUS

6 thoughts on “Obama Plotting US Dollar and Stock Market Crash Prior to NOV 4 Elections”

  1. Arlin, you have to remember, he’s just the “face” of the presidency. There are others much more powerful behind him that can, and will, do just what your post suggests. That would create another distraction. They need it because they are about to lose the Senate; not that it will stop him from righting his executive orders that are completely illegal.

    I just hope that he actually leaves after his term is over but I have this gut feeling that we will be “conveniently” invaded by ISIS just before and he will declare Martial Law. God, I pray I am wrong…


    1. Why I called him just the front man. Manchurian.

      I have heard some are predicting, we will be invaded by ISIS, and the chaos/crisis will cause an inner war and that the presidential elections will not take place because of this chaos; and yes Obama would be King. However, ISIS is very small compared to what they would have to deal with…..I know they are growing and are dangerous. China leader once said he would never invade the U.S. because under every blade of grass there is a gun.

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