I need your help!  I would like to do an article (blog) on the public’s view whether President Obama should be impeached or tried for treason, or if you believe he is not guilty of any wrong doing.

I would like for this to be more than just a survey with statistics, I want to share what you believe to be true, what action we should take if any.   Controversy swarms around Obama like a nest of wasp.

Obama’s approval rating is well below 50% and dropping daily.   Has Obama’s action’s or lack of merited enough for impeachment and possibly to be tried for treason?

I will not use names in my article…..all of your comments will be anonymous.

Would like a response to the following questions in addition to your comments.

1.  Should President Obama be impeached?

2. Should President Obama be tried for treason?

3.  Do you believe President Obama has violated the Constitution?  If yes should he be held accountable?

4. Do you believe President Obama has broken the law or violated the Constitution but should not be impeached or tried for treason?

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  1. Agreed with all of the above. He should be tried for treason.

    But for way different reasons.

    Obama is attempting to destroy the free press (see James Risen), has declared war on whistleblowers (Manning, Snowden, Assange, and all of the patriots he’s charged with violating the Orwellian “Espionage Act”). He’s allowed George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condaleeza Rice, et al. to get away with pushing the U.S into a disastrous, illegal war of aggression that cost the lives of 4,500 U.S. patriots and permanently damaged tens of thousands of others. And for what? Oil.

    And as for holding to account the Wall Streeters who crashed the economy? He’s in bed with them. Not a single major prosecution for the worst financial fraud in U.S. history.

    Obama is a disgrace. He’s the black George W. Bush.

    And Bush and Cheney should have been tried for treason, too. Still should be.

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  2. Good question; nice thread!
    I doubt grounds for treason and probability for treason; the GOP is too similar to the Democrats for all their talk. Congress is no more respectful of the Constitution than is the Prez, seems to me. Nor is the bureaucracy respectful these days of Civil Service rules and nor the Treasury of financial integrity. It seems all of a piece, a reflection of the changing attitudes of the citizens …I don’t expect the right hand to find the left guilty of anything!

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  3. Impeachment is a political act not a legal one. Therefore it is unlikely to happen and pointless if it does. Bill Clinton was impeached. To quote Hus wife… What difference did it make?

    Sure he has violated the Constitution. Congress or the Court need to stop him but they won’t. The balance of powers doesn’t work if all parties are in on it.

    The only solution is to limit the power of the government. Period. No one spends billions on a campaign to be town dogcatcher because there isn’t any power to be corrupted by.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Minimal power will corrupt very minimally. Consoludarity. Government at the lowest possible local level. That is the answer.

    It means more work for us staying informed and active but it is harder to corrupt without centralized authority to speed the spread of the disease.

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    1. Jimbo,
      Very well written and I think Arlin will agree as will. You make some very valid points about absolute power corrupts absolutely and minimizing that power minimizing that corruption! It seem so simple and yet so brilliant. We will need to work within to confines of our Constitution and hold our representatives to it as well. What we need is a way that We, the People, can rise up and say, ENOUGH! You aren;t doing your job so We, the People, are firing you and replacing you at a special election, e.i. Eric Holder, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al. If our government won’t act for We, the People, then what are they doing there anyway?

      Excellent post! Thank you for your contribution!


      1. The simple things are often the hardest to accomplish. The people that tell you it is “too complicated” really mean “it’s too much work.” That, or they benefit by the status quo.

        To quote Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it yourself well enough.”

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      2. To quote Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it yourself well enough.”

        Are you saying that I can’t explain something simply enough? LOL You know what comes to mind when I read that was Nancy Pelosi saying that we had to pass Obamacare in order to know what was in it. How completely asinine was that comment? At that time, every member opted out. Someone, somewhere, argued with me about it, but at the time it rolled out, all of the government opted out. If it isn’t good enough for them, then it is NOT good enough for their constituents!

        Anyway, thanks for the memories!
        Rhonda aka nanarhonda


      3. Haha. Not intended towards you at all! 😉
        Indeed it was a remark on the people (politicians) who constantly claim that everything is “too complicated for the average person to bother to understand.”
        It’s not complicated. It’s intentionally obtuse. Big difference.

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  4. No Impeachment or trial until AFTER the elections.
    Otherwise it will take the voters mind off of the destructive job he’s doing. People will instead be following the ‘circus’ that will develop as a result of a lawsuit or impeachment.

    Ya gotta think like a Democrat.

    Remember: Jesus said to be “gentle as a dove but wise as a serpent” when dealing with the world.

    Here’s a good article by Thomas Sowell entitled:
    Lawsuits and Impeachment

    It’s wortwhile reading.


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  5. Obama needs to be impeached and tried for treason. He clearly violated the constitution multiple times and since he is a former constitutional law professor he knows what he is doing is wrong. He has no excuse.


      1. Yeah, the whole obama presidency is bizarre to say the least. He ran as a populist but turned out to be an authoritarian lunatic!

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      2. Do we have empirical proof that he really did have those credentials? After all, everything else about him is questionable. He had to use a Visa to get into the U.S. to go to school. What Citizen of the U.S. needs a Visa to get into their own country to go to school? Just food for thought…


      3. Frank,
        Snopes is not the end all be all of proof positive information.

        I recall reading excerpts from Obama’s own books. That’s where my info came from. has been wrong before just like Wikipedia. Not an excellent source of information always.

        Just FYI… been bitten, twice shy.


  6. US ideology creates a need to punish and unfortunately the political system can’t impeach Congress, the House and the President all formed a duplicitous compact.

    The mouth says one thing whilst the rest does something else it is modern democracy at home. The UK has a similar problem no one person is solely responsible so we are told to hold them accountable through the ballot box – that isn’t real accountability, is it?

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    1. It’s the cry of the American’s to do SOMETHING to hold those accountable. Impeachment won’t work because it won’t pass the Senate. Just like with Bill Clinton. But there needs to be a way for We, the People, to hold our elected officials accountable besides voting them out when their term is up. That is really what it boils down to. There seems to be no accountability for any elected official.

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  7. Without studying the subject in any depth and from simple observations I conclude that America is a dictatorship-wolf in democracy-sheep’s clothing. As I have stated elsewhere many times, every American president must have his very own personal war—if “picking up some crappy little country and throwing it against the wall” can be called ‘war’—in order to secure his place in history.

    So what makes Obama any different? Okaaaay, you are rapidly becoming a bunch of Socialist republics but that’s your democratic choice, no? Has to be, if (republic or otherwise) America is the great shining paradigm of democracy then Obama or any other stooge at the top is your own choice, and if you don’t like him you just vote him out, no?

    No …

    So left with the obvious question I have to ask “Why Obama?” Why not the lot? Presidents and their cronies, all of them?
    An obvious question invites an obvious answer: your beloved President has control of the arsenal. End of story.
    Time for hypotheticals here—if he decides to invoke ’emergency’ means and ‘regretfully’ elects to continue in office, with all elections in abeyance … what can you do about it? Vote him out? Can you not hear his voice “Sorry, guys, we have to temporarily suspend the Constitution” (along with habeas corpus and all the other ‘rights’ now history. I never trust the word ‘temporary’ when spouted by a politician.

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  8. I believe that this POTUS has violated his oath of office the 3 times he has taken the oath. As POTUS, he swore to uphold the Constitution, not rewrite it. Fundraising is more important to him than being a FRONT leader in the world’s affairs. He sends John Kerry, Secretary of State. And He goes to Egypt who is not involved in the war. Why doesn’t John Kerry go to President Netanyahu’s office to talk with him? HAMAS violated the cease fire that was agreed upon only 4 days in.

    We need to bombard our lawmakers to enact a law that says any sitting official from POTUS to Mayor, CANNOT do fundraisers while being paid by taxpayers. Once their terms are fulfilled and they are no longer being paid by We, the People, then they are free to help their party raise money. BUT while We, the People, are paying them to do their job, they need to NOT be doing fundraisers for their party runners. Those people should find their own funds. Have one of the Clintons speak instead! One of those fundraisers that POTUS flew, at our expense, cost $37,000 a ticket. Sickening… I know that it happens on both side so that’s why the law needs to be enacted ASAP!

    Back to the question of treason… yes, I believe that POTUS has violated his oath of office to the point of treason by supporting the terrorists and not supporting out allies. The world now see us as weak instead of the super power we once were. That was his mission to begin with and he has succeeded and he doesn’t really care now as he only has 2.5 years and he’s outta here!


    1. On what basis does someone suggest execution of a president upon impeachment? Where in the Constitution is that? Are some folks still unaware that suggesting execution by hanging in the context of a black person, given the less glorious aspects of our nation’s history, is rife with intimations of the worst kind of racism? If the racist tone is entirely by accident, that’s just unfortunate and perhaps remedied with a bit more time for reading and less time for un-Christian and hateful bloodlust. If the racism is real and actual, what sorry state have we arrived at as a nation where our fellow citizens will so boldly show that kind of rank hatred to the world as if it’s something to be proud of?

      Silence is complicity.


      1. The penalty for treason (upon conviction) is death. Particularly treasonous acts committed during wartime. However, that does not automatically accrue to “death by hanging” – there are many ways to execute someone. Even if the sentence was hanging, if POTUS Obama were to be convicted of treason it would not be racist to execute him in that manner, since the US has executed whites in the same way for the same crime – even one woman.

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      2. He didn’t suggest execution for impeachment, he suggested it for treason.

        As for the race card, Obama is half Kenyan and half Caucasian so how do are we considered racist if we are black or white?


      3. Re: my error about hanging subsequent to impeachment, I misspoke. Mea culpa. As to hanging and racism re: conviction for treason, I should be clear again. At no point did I allege racism. I cautioned against the appearance of it because it is so easy to spot even when it’s not there.

        As another commenter pointed out, we have a long, rich history of hanging. I think the problem now has a couple of angles. Not to Godwin the argument, but to draw a distinct illustration…once upon a time the swastika was a revered symbol among different cultures, meaning all manner of positive things to them. Along came Hitler, and that symbol has been stigmatized ever since. Just about anyone using it today outside of culturally appropriate contexts would immediately trigger a reaction based on a reasonable suspicion that the person using it was perpetuating its worst possible connotation. History set that context.

        When it comes to hangings and race, thanks to the racially-motivated lynchings in the Deep South not so very long ago, within the living memory of a great many, even the suggestion of hanging a black person, whatever the reason, will initially stink to high heaven. One might explain it away, and even mean it sincerely, but it’s an incautious suggestion at best that does more harm than good when it comes to advancing the initial idea, in this case trial and conviction for treason. With all the ways to kill a person that we have available, hanging is but one and has that certain stigma to it.

        Perhaps we can resolve the method of execution really simply once he’s convicted of treason. How would Jesus suggest we kill him?


      4. Frank,
        You seem to forget that POTUS is half Kenyan and half CAUCASIAN. He cannot play the ‘race card’ even though he did when he campaigned against Hillary Clinton in the first primary; he talked about his white grandparents and how they raised him and helped him through college; And once he wind the Democratic ticket, he suddenly became a black man and his Caucasian heritage fell away.


      5. Frank, may I remind you that this POTUS is both black AND white? He’s mixed like many Americans. He cannot play the race card no matter how many times he tries. He is Kenyan and Caucasian, period.


    2. Dereliction of duty! He swore 3 times to uphold the Constitution, not to rewrite it! I concur with you that besides POTUS there are numerous others like AG Holder first in line behind POUTS, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton (she thinks she’s gotten away with Benghazi), et al.

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      1. Article 3 Section 3-treason…..states

        Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

        The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

        Congress punishment for treason is DEATH.

        Since the only form of Execution still accepted in America is Death by Hanging…

        FYI- Making a factual statement no matter what the statement is, is not racist. Also since the comment was directed at a single person(no matter the color of their skin) and not based on their skin color(cause that’s unconstitutional) is not Racist.

        Of course this statement-“If the racist tone is entirely by accident, that’s just unfortunate and perhaps remedied with a bit more time for reading and less time for un-Christian and hateful bloodlust.” is not only making judgment on others, it’s also Religious intolerance, recently made illegal in the UK so give it a year or two to pass in the U.S. and make that same comment again! Also how do you get a tone(racist or not) from reading words on a page???? Does the page talk or sing to you?? No Sound = No tones….. Practice what you preach and read, start with the Constitution cause its obvious you never read it!

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      2. Interesting point of view from someone who is glaringly wrong with this statement: Since the only form of Execution still accepted in America is Death by Hanging… Maybe you’ve heard of death by lethal injection? It’s been in the news recently. If not, you might look to Texas for an example. Lethal injection is their sole method of capital punishment.

        You might notice that I didn’t accuse. I pointed out that the language may well lead one to arrive at a particular conclusion. Perhaps if you spent more time reading history and getting your facts straight, and maybe even spent some time paying attention to the red letters in the New Testament you might be glad that someone encourages love, tolerance, and care with wording.

        You seem to have an issue with that. What manner of spirit inspires you?

        As for detecting tone from writing, it’s possible, but not always. That’s why I hesitate to level flat-out accusations and try to draw one into conversation. For instance, I detect a bit of hostility in your comment. Are you having a rough day?

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      3. This site will inform you of the unconstitutionality of lethal injection. This ruling caused suits in other states on the same grounds…..precedent was made, you must have missed it!

        Next this comment “Are some folks still unaware that suggesting execution by hanging in the context of a black person, given the less glorious aspects of our nation’s history, is rife with intimations of the worst kind of racism? ”
        First lets define ACCUSATION- a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong

        Correct me if I’m wrong but you stating that if someone suggests to hang a person and that person is black(instead of brown,white,green,) that makes that person a racist. Since there wasn’t any mention towards the cause being based on his skin color, not a single person (except for you) stated anything about the comment being anything remotely racist.Which simply by pointing out the (in your opinion) racist comment is the very definition of ACCUSATION… SEE definition above and have someone read it to you!

        So again how is the comment about hanging a person for treason giving you and nobody else a racist tone? Or seeing as your unsure since you gave two answers(one if your right about the tone and the other if your wrong) which gives the impression that you have no idea what your talking about, and verified with trying to gauge my tone and being way off.

        Simply put I am getting sick of (not necessarily by you, and not necessarily from today) the constant barrage of nonsense being intentionally spewed as Fact by mostly news outlets, but more importantly I’m sick of the information not being reported when I see news reports that- A. happened in the past, B. is only deemed news if I lived in other countries, or/and C. Watching reporters go around asking people who they voted as President when the question is bullshit given electoral colleges elect the President not the American People!

        By violating his oath of office(not enforcing the laws to the best of his ability, since comments were made by POTUS without any reason why) He can be removed from office without impeachment(article 2 clause 6 of U.S. Constitution) Lets add with that providing material support to a terrorist organization… for providing foreign aid to a known terrorist state called Gaza..U.S. Code 18 section 2339a & 2339b) Supplying foreign aid to a country after a coup(just because he didn’t call it a coup doesn’t mean it wasn’t) Supplying military weapons to a terrorist group(two counts since the support was provided to two terrorist groups) and lastly(even though there is much more high crimes & misdemeanors violated) For openly informing people he will pass laws by E.O. which is illegal(since the constitution states who passes laws then that power can not be used by the Executive branch……Which would make him a self proclaimed Dictator since a dictator rules a country and writes the laws too,

        I guess the tone would be Frustrated

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      4. I am detecting the tone in your writing that you are being a Jerk. You may notice in the red letters in the Bible that Jesus is not tolerant. He tells us how to live, but first and formost he calls for repentance. Also look at what he said to the money changers and the Pharasis. That wasn’t tolerant. We should not be tolerant of Obamas disregard for the Constitution either.

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      5. By all means, oppose the policies. I know I do. It’s the level of animosity directed to his person that concerns me 🙂

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      6. See, tone can be detected. Astutely observed. Pity that doesn’t extend to your other reading skills. I don’t recall anything about the Constitution in Scripture, but there’s some things in there about loving one’s neighbor and not judging. You might note, though that’s maybe a stretch, that I made it a point to not judge any individual but a class of behavior, should it even have existed, that is contrary to teachings many pay lip service to but seem to have a hard time applying when ideology gets in the way.

        I can’t help but to notice you spent some time attempting to call me out. Pity you couldn’t take some of that time to call out calls for a death penalty to be applied (hardly loving, definitely killing), or for the rapid rush to judgment. Who taught you to think like that? Jesus gets a pass for judging. That’s his job, right? If I’ve run afoul of any of his rules for living here, point ’em out. I’ll do my level best to refrain from that behavior in the future. You game to try that?

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    1. I keep seeing “Try, then hang …”

      Does a fair trial offer the possibility of acquittal? Or is the trial a mere formality on the way to a legal kill?


    2. Assuming he would be convicted, of course. The thing is, I doubt that he would be convicted, unless those invisibles behind him decide to cut their ties with him and leave him to his own devices.


      1. I think it was Frank that mentioned that the swastika was once a revered symbol. The rainbow was also once a not only a revered symbol but biblical… and has been hijacked by the homosexual community. The cross was also once a revered symbol but people wear them and have no idea what they symbolize other than they think they look “cool” because of the bling or design. I guess what I’m trying to say is there are a lot of things that fit into your category. ISIS/ISIL has sworn to put the flag of ALLAH on the White House. THAT would be a travesty.

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  9. POTUS Obama is, at the very least, guilty of refusing to uphold his oath of office, which he has publicly made 3 times. Here are the bonafides:

    Section 274 felony under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act INA 274A(a)(1)(A). Encouraging & Harboring Illegal Aliens: It is a violation of law for any person to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection in any place, including any building or means of transportation, any alien who is in the United States in violation of law. Harboring means any conduct that tends to substantially facilitate an alien to remain in the U.S. illegally. Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.
    • Shall be imprisoned not more than 5 years
    • Or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)
    • Or both, together with the costs of prosecution.

    “Harboring means any conduct that tends to substantially facilitate an alien to remain in the U.S. illegally.” Such as using government vehicles staffed by government employees (the drivers) to transport the aliens from the point of apprehension to any destination designed to provide long-term housing? Also, by the same definition of “harboring” the act of preventing the Welfare agencies from screening against illegal residency would be a violation of this law.

    This is not a matter of “Executive Discression” – that’s a veto on a bill Congress applied to his desk for a signature. This is a law that was already on the books when he was first elected, that, as the POTUS, the US Constitution charges him with enforcing. He’s not only not enforcing it, he is doing it openly and deliberately.

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    1. I just realized that I forgot to address a few of your questions. My first thought is that, right now it would be insane to attempt to impeach the POTUS. I admit that getting the House to approve the Articles of Impeachment would be easy, but you could never get a conviction in the current Senate – and nobody knows what it’s composition will be like after November. By the time the next Senate is sworn in, Obama will have only 2 years left in office. If the Republicans retain control of the House, or gain control of the Senate, Obama won’t be able to accomplish anything legislatively during the last 2 years anyhow. It would be far more fiscally responsible to strip him of the privilege of signing Executive Orders (Congress did that to Clinton, too) and let him ride out his term.


      1. Thank you for your response, excellent feedback. I agree impeachment is too late in the 2nd term. Arrest and tried for treason would be quicker……but it won’t happen. Then we’d be stuck with Biden. He wouldn’t be the worse to happen as he isn’t as bold as Obama. Biden would just go with the flow of the majority and just play out his time which he won’t have much of.


      2. Well it would seem the less fiscally responsible of ideas are normally passed in Congress….. But if the Senate has so much power to prevent any laws from the House being heard/passed and don’t answer to the people of the United States (which only happens in Communist governments) Sorry the correct term used by Vietnam and Loas (and other nations) is Democratic-Republic, but communism works.


    2. How do you feel about President Obama’s record on deportations? FactCheck crunches the numbers here and shows that, at that time, using an apples to apples comparison of monthly average his # of deportations actually is higher than all previous presidents.

      As to the point of using his complicity in violating the law you cite (smoking gun required), how would you feel about rigorously holding the corrupt employers who employ illegal immigrants to the same high standard? If we remove the employment incentive offered by these crooks, that should bring the numbers down significantly. Would it be worth fully funding the effort? How would you suggest funding such an approach?

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      1. I would say that, yes, it would be worth pursuing to go after the employers of the illegals. I recommend that, in addition to the other penalties for “harboring” – there be a fine of $10k/illegal worker/incident to cover processing and deporting the illegals scooped up in any ICE raid.

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      2. I love when plain folks like us can find the common square inch when the jackals in Congress get paid dearly for that and don’t and worse, do their damnedest to make sure we don’t either.

        I fully agree we should go after the employers who hire “undocumented” workers. Hell, we already have the laws on the books. Ever get a job where you didn’t have to fill out that used to be called the I-9 form? If we go after that root, one of the main incentives to come here without going through the legal hoops of our immigration system dries up. Sure, at first prices for things like fruits and vegetables would go up initially, but then the free market would settle the score in time by making legit business owners compete fairly against other ones for our money and bring the prices back to a reasonable level. At least, that’s how it goes in theory, right?

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      3. In theory, yes. As for the I-9 – well, honestly I have had jobs where I didn’t have to fill out one, but I’m 51 years old, too. Back when I got my first jobs, the I-9 didn’t exist. lol

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      4. Since no other presidents included how many were caught and immediately deported(most times before crossing onto U.S. Territory) and only counted the total found in the U.S. and then deported. Which this president counts the ones immediately caught and deported(again most prior to violating any U.S Law, since they never step on U.S. Soil) Which gives him more deportations then any other administration so he allows all others(who actually violate U.S. Law and were counted in previous admins) to get on one of the many buses waiting at the Border that drive them anywhere in the U.S want to go. Well except for the ones blocked by U.S. Citizens who are protesting. So it seems politicfact is not only intentionally misleading the American People, Most of the people counted in the total never violated U.S. law since they never crossed onto U.S territory. Sadly they do the same thing to get the Unemployment rate low….. they don’t count the people that are not actively looking for work. Even though being unemployed doesn’t change whether your actively looking for work or not, just a way to lie about the true unemployment numbers

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  10. Obama has clearly committed treason. Taken more constitutional rights away from us in the name of citizen safety. So did Hitler. Obama keeps asking fot more money for his ‘refugees’ all the while we have veterans dying waiting on treatment. Aiding and abetting terrorists. Arming people that have sworn to kill us. Impeachment takes time we do not have and will fail from simply not having the votes in this democratic government. Treason, plain and simple. Arrest him and tried for Treason. The penalty for that is death.

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    1. That’s because he, himself, is an illegal alien. He is in dereliction of duty, and he has aided terrorists by aligning with the Muslim Brotherhoood. Everything else aside, those two items are just cause.. He took an oath, 3 times, swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, not to rewrite it. He is a so-called scholar of the Constitution? I find that very hard to believe. I find that it will be just another lie along with his long form birth certificate that was proven to have been fabricated in Adobe .pdf. The truth will eventually come out, but will it come out before we can fix the damage that has already been done is the $10,000 question!


  11. I fully believe Obama has stepped outside of the law and he should be impeached. The problem is nobody has the balls to take that step, the ones that did like Col Alan West failed in hie reelection bid. Another obstacle is the democrats are so deeply in the tank for Obama, Harry Reid would turn it away in the senate. Just like with Slick Willie Clinton the Dems have no stomach for consequences and accountability in Government. I am hoping November returns power to republicans which I will be honest about are not much better. John Boehner should be forcing Obama’s hand and pulling Eric Holders cover for openly refusing to execute his job for the AMERICAN PEOPLE instead of sucking up and doing all he can to openly cover Obama at every turn. This administration has greatly flaunted their disdain for the Constitution of this great nation. So many scandals and they take no accountability.

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    1. You are correct, no balls anywhere. They didn’t let Nixon get away with anything, and what he did wasn’t a fraction of all Obama has done and about to do. I mean covering up his staff’s stupidity, and a burglary of a campaign headquarters…… I know most of those from that era are gone, but they all come from the same mold.

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      1. I still remember that time. The craziest thing of all about it was the motivation – Howard Hughes. Theoretically the richest man in the world at that time, he was hiding out (for the most part) in his hotel in Las Vegas, but he was notorious for donating to both political parties so he could apply pressure on activities that influenced him – and there was pending trouble over the US wanting to do nuclear weapons testing in Nevada. All Nixon wanted was the proof of Hughes donating to the Democrats.


      2. Arlin,
        Nixon realized that he could not effectively lead this country as he had violated their trust so while they did impeach him, he resigned. Clinton was impeached, but it didn’t pass with enough votes to oust him and he didn’t have the same integrity as Nixon; nor does Obama. So while people are calling for impeachment, it would have to pass the House and the Senate and he has the Senate practically eating out of the palm of his hand.

        This is why impeachment isn’t even on the table. While it is an appropriate action, it will never pass the Senate, even it if was Republican-controlled Senate, the Democrats will not vote for it in either house.


      1. I watched about 20 minutes of the movie last week on The Kelly File on Fox, I agree disturbing but I like De’Souza he doesn’t pull punches. People should wake up we are in serious trouble as a nation.

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      2. He doesn’t pull punches, that’s why a big business tried to take him off the shelf, only way to shut him up, and they said it wasn’t political. Loss of dollars out scored their politics in the end.

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    2. I am hoping that we do get a respectable Republican and VP in 2016 and that Trey Gowdy is appointed AG. That man is like a pit bull with a bone and will NOT allow anything go past like Holder has. Holder has done nothing but cover up all of POTUS’s indiscretions, i.e. his long form birth certificate. It has been proven to be a fake. Yet, we are having it all shoved down our throats. Well, when Obama leaves office, the people that pulled the purse strings and his puppet strings are going to cut him loose as a liability and the truth will be revealed. Then all sorts of chaos will take place in the WH with all of what Obama (who is half black and half white people) has done that some of which may not be able to be undone in time! Heaven help us!


      1. WASHINGTON — A government website intended to make federal spending more transparent was missing at least $619 billion from 302 federal programs, a government audit has found.

        And the data that does exist is wildly inaccurate, according to the Government Accountability Office, Courtesy of USA Today

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      2. Do you find that astounding that a government audit found missing money? I don’t find it shocking at all. The government is incapable of governing as it is right now. Several people need to go aside from the POTUS who has spent more than all POTUS’s combined, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al, and fill those empty seats with new people who have integrity. And yes, there really are people out there that still have that.

        There is a big mess to clean up and I hope there is time enough to clean it up before its too late. POTUS has begun to shrink our military when we need it the most. He has a purpose and plan that does not protect America but sets it up for invasion which is why he will not close the border and give us a sovereign nation! Shame on him! The blood on his hands is great enough already and he doesn’t even know it!

        You have so many scandals going on in this country to divert your attention away from what is going on overseas and then Congress and POTUS goes on vacation. I don’t begrudge anyone a vacation (except POTUS since that’s all he’s done for 6 years… at OUR expense) but there are real problems that need fixing NOW not later. And Harry Reid needs to be removed and charged for not putting to the floor the items sent from the House. And they blame the Republicans. It’s Reid.

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  12. I can’t believe that he hasn’t already been impeached. They went after Clinton for getting a blowjob at the Whitehouse, like that really hurt the American people. But let a president desecrate our Constitution, illegally pass laws, destroy our beloved nation, and they sit, with their fingers up their rears and do nothing?
    As you can tell, I am mad as hell! All the while the sheeple people in our country do nothing except bitch and moan. The country is close to lost. If people do not awaken and begin to act, there will be no reason to act.

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    1. Oh, I was not finished, was I?
      Treason, yes, it is high time to charge with treason.
      He spit upon our Constitution.
      I am sure that he has broken the law, and violated the Constitution, and should be impeached and tried for treason.

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    2. nootkabear,
      The sheeple only care about ‘me and mine’ and have a very myopic view of the world. It doesn’t extend from their neighborhood or their town. Perhaps maybe their state… but it really boils down to whatever affect THEM, not the whole but ‘me and mine’. When we can get back to the mentality of We, the People, then we can begin to make headway. But, until then, I’m so very sorry to say that this is how is it. Entitlement mentality at every social level. We have ZERO leadership from out POTUS. Say what you want about George W. Bush, but he sure as hell wouldn’t have let any of this get this far! (Pardon my English.)

      We need to keep blogging about it and keep it out there, shouting from the rooftops, on Facebook, Twitter, whatever social media is available to you but you need to do it in a way that will draw them in, not cast them away.

      My husband says there are two things you should never talk about; religion and politics. He is so wrong. So I talk here about both!

      Use your anger for good and let it motivate you to spur your circle of influence to get involved, informed, and VOTE!

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  13. Since so many of the arguments (or just strident and ill-informed cries) for impeachment or charges of treason are matters of subjective interpretation, I’ll just offer this one fairly clear-cut statement regarding the issue of whether or not the president has broken the law here. There’s a case to be made. Sen. Feinstein certainly helps make it. Let the system work as intended and we’ll just deal with President Biden for a little while.

    As for those strident and ill-informed cries, where was all this insistence on justice when Bush was running roughshod over the constitution and lying us into war and economic collapse? Seriously, this hyperpartisan BS needs to stop. The powers that be, the ones behind the curtain, the ones pulling the strings, set us all at each others’ throats and laugh all the way to their central banks.

    Lies aren’t partisan. They don’t care who tells them. We’d all do well to stop picking and choosing our favorite lies based on the colors of the ties. There’s no red, no blue, no R, no D. Just lies. That’s what we’ll keep getting as long as we accept half of them on our knees saying, “thank you sir, may I have another?”

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    1. Frank,
      If you are referring to the WMDs, Bush was exonerated when ISIS found a factory full of seron gas and mustard gas. All of it is old (hmmm… 2001) and is unstable but that won’t stop them from trying to use it.

      If you can hide a fighter jet under the sand, and you can find Saddam Hussein under the sand, I’ll bet ISIS will be able to find more WMD’s under the sand.

      There was a brief mention of this on Fox News and no one mentioned it after that. I was very disappointed by that as it did exonerate GWB and the intel that was given to him from the previous president who was??? Bill Clinton. Yep, but you didn’t hear George W. Bush once blame Bill Clinton for the problems that were at his feet. He in honorable and has integrity and respect for our military. He still goes to the air port to meet them when they come off the planes so they have someone to shake their hand and say thank you for your service.

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      1. This site was long known about, so I wouldn’t call it an exoneration of GWB. The stockpile that was found was left that way because it was deemed militarily useless as far back as 1998.

        That doesn’t keep the site from being evidence of a huge military blunder, however.

        “Military officials said the U.S. was well aware of the Muthanna stockpile and wouldn’t have left it there if it posed a military threat. Still, when the U.S. pulled out of Iraq, it didn’t anticipate a large swath of the country, including numerous military bases, would be overrun by radical Sunni militants. One defense official said that if the U.S. had known the Iraqi government would lose control so soon, it might not have left the old chemical weapons in place.”


      2. I have a friend he was crew chief on a Pavlo helicopter his squads task was low fly drop behind enemy lines and munitions disposal in the second trip into Iraq. They got a mission to move in and destroy a munitions stockpile. Intel stated it was standard munitions, they set charges and all but my friend are dead now as they were not standard but were chemical weapons. My friend has had to learn to swallow again so he can eat. No idea what ever chemicals were in the munitions they were destroying but it left him a paraplegic.


      3. I’m truly sorry to hear about your friend’s health issues and the other soldiers that didn’t make it back from that mission (and I feel a very grim and deep gratitude for their service). Sadly, we’ll probably never know exactly what that munitions site was, or when it was put there, short of putting more boots on the ground and being able to fully investigate the remaining evidence, if any does remain :/ Of course, as much as I’ve come to distrust both our intel and the big brass that call the shots, even if someone did find out (or will in the future), I doubt we’ll ever learn the truth of it.


      4. Thank you for the reply, My friend is truly awesome, and an inspiration to me. I agree we will likely never know the truth in full.


      5. Still around, still reading, and still glad to see you keeping up the good fight! Lately I’ve just been too tied up to engage as much as I’d like.


  14. All the bloviating, gesticulating look at me nonsense that the right wing gasbags spout in this regard is red-neck noise; nothing more. Barack is the best president since J.F.K. and a great man. History may well decide that the second great belligerent disaster of the present congress of no nothing cynics, if it gains any traction at all which I sorely doubt, was this ridiculous notion.


  15. I think it is more than just the president. It is the majority of the government that needs to be cleaned out. A bunch of big business big heads that make illogical policies that are made to benefit themselves and not the people.

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  16. Point one should Obama be impeached absolutely since he committed perjury by taking the oath of office and then implementing his Fundamental Change policies; since any change must be done through Article V.

    Point two is redundant as the impeachment process is the only way to legally remove a President from office.

    Point three Yes he has clearly exceeded his powers by not enforcing his Constitutional duties to faithfully execute the laws of the country.

    Point four no he must be impeached even if found innocent. However that being said it takes a 2/3’s vote in the Senate to find the President guilty as charged by the House. Since it would be almost impossible for the Republicans to gain at minimum 22 seats that would never happen. So we are stuck until 2016.


  17. Obama has violated the Constitution many times and also the laws of our land he promiced to uphold. Unfortunately, it’s not just him but many members of Congress as well. Harry Ried for instance. Yes, he should be impeached and tried for sadition. He should be held accountable and make his new home in a jail cell.

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