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Planned long in advance of their rollouts, the two most sophisticated mind-manipulating made-in-the-USA propaganda campaigns are ongoing at the same time.

One demonized Russia after pushing the nation to respond defensively to over eight years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukrainian Nazis against Donbass — escalated to include strikes elsewhere on Russian territory.

It transformed most Americans and others in the West into Russian haters.

According to recent Gallup survey data, 85% of Americans view Russia unfavorably.

It’s more evidence of the ability of state-sponsored propaganda to convince most people to believe most anything by the power of repetition that drowns out opposing views.

The other most effective manipulation of the public mind is what co-director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies, Professor Piers Robinson, called the most sophisticated propaganda operation in history.

It convinced the great majority of people throughout the US/West to be manipulated by state-sponsored —…

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