Barack Obama Conducts Racist and Smear Campaign

MN Prager Discussion Group

We have seen the nation-wide video hoax of Karl Rove making deals with foreign money to defeat Barack Obama’s Marxist left distributed by the Democrat Party throughout the land….the one showing  a shadowy figure stealing a gals purse in a parking ramp.  Our president Obama often repeated the lie attempting to stir up his fan base this past week.   The Big Lie had a shelf life of less  than a week.

No selling of obamacare takeover of the nations’ health care was heard.  No defense of his love for his Cap and Trade tax scheme wasn’t sold either.  It was never mentioned.

This week the flailing Marxist fan moved forward in his campaign, discovering  an  OLD favorite campaign trick especially successful among American blacks…. Left wing racism by separating various special interest groups based on race and class, and pounding the theme they are hated by his opponents and only he can save them from unhappiness.   This time he’s…

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