5 thoughts on “(6191) Trump HUGE Announcement Will Change America Forever! – YouTube”

    1. I listened to most of the YouTube broadcast. The playing cards was more of a joke, one Trump knew people would fall for or make fun of him over. There was another announcement (more of a statement) about Twitter. Apparently he and his family dissected all the doc Musk released and what they found is pretty damaging (supposedly) to the FBI and Biden administration. According to Mush/Trump…….the FBI and Biden’s crew met with Twitter nearly everyday and strategically mapped out what Twitter would release on Twitter and what they would not. Hunter Biden led the way, but is not nearly limited to just him.

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      1. Yeah, while I haven’t actually read the emails (I let the news folks do that!), I’ve followed it. It’s interesting how deep the swamp actually goes in DC! I can tell you this, I know there are really fine people in the FBI, but overall, that thing needs to be blown up and started over. Same with DOJ!


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