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biden crime family international crimesIndependent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog comes to you as always from the Biden Crime Family’s corporate fascist kleptocracy where the regime harasses more popular opposition leaders like in other banana republics around the world. As a reminder, the illegitimate January 6th committee features ONLY people who have expressed grotesque bias.

biden the fascistIn addition, no defense witnesses are permitted to testify and defense counsel is not allowed to question witnesses. Worst of all, the minority party in the House of Representatives was not allowed to appoint members of its own choosing. The Democrats rejected those choices and instead selected members who have stated their determination to destroy the accused.

So prepare for the usual unfounded accusations and “leaks” that get headlines in Democrat media outlets but later turn out to be as false as all the other outrageous accusations that America’s cesspool of corruption which masquerades as a government has hurled…

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