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July 28, 2022

What Islam and the Left Agree On

By Mike Konrad at American Thinker:

What is a nation?That is the question.

In the book of Genesis — whether you take it literally or metaphorically — a nation is essentially an extended family.Genesis Chapter Ten, often referred to as the Table of Nations, lists the peoples of the Earth, from Israel’s perspective, along with their lineages. The number, apart from Israel, came to 70.

Each particular nation was traceable back to an ancestor.Mankind was told to fill up the whole Earth, but disobeyed, and started to build the Tower of Babel, where, inChapter Eleven, the languages of men were confounded, and the peoples were forced to scatter and separate.

Again, whether taken literally or metaphorically, the principle is that the deity did not want a uniform world, a one-size-fits-all culture and language, precisely because —…

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