No end to the fools stupidity and arrogance …..

The Goomba Gazette

Biden’s ‘shameful’ fist-bump with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman shocks Twitter, Washington Post CEO

‘The fist bump between President Biden and Mohammed bin Salman was worse than a handshake,’

The fool Kamikaze Joe want to visit Saudi Arabia to beg for oil because of his ignorance of putting the United States in a monumental predicament, he should have displayed a little more humility but like the punk kid and a Scranton PA playground, instead of shaking hands the way real men do, he further insulted his host by bumped fist with him.

If I were the Prince, I would have turned my back on him and left him standing there like the fool he is.

In order to keep his ego pumped up, he not only makes a fool out of himself at every turn, he also jeopardizes peace and good relations between the nations that we are dealing with.


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