“Epstein reportedly raped up to 3 girls a day for years. Most came once or just a few times. Their names are not known by anyone. That’s thousands of victims who are invisible”

American Buddhist Net

I wrote something provocative about how I know stuff about Jeffrey Epstein and can’t publish it.

I’ll do my best to explain and reveal here. It provides, I think, a good lesson in why it is hard to publish stories about bad things done by the rich and powerful:

First: Just about everything I know has been published somewhere. It’s in books or articles or interviews with victims or revealed in depositions.

And, I think, our podcast, Broken, https://adamd.cc/broken went further than many in revealing scumbaggery.

But, yes, there are things I believe, with good evidence, to be true that I feel I cannot publish.

These fall into a few categories:

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