Kamikaze Joe digging a grave for the USA …

Before Biden and his grunts, the most I paid for a tank of gas in my 2014 Ford Fusion was $29 to 30 dollars. 3 days ago with Biden & those grunts (May 2, 2022) I paid $54.49. It isn’t a big tank……… (It isn’t just inflation, it isn’t Putin, it isn’t COVID) IT IS BIDEN AND HIS F_ _ _ING GRUNTS. (Arlin Report comment)

The Goomba Gazette

Biden is close to the point of no return with Americans on the economy

Biden is close to the point of no return with Americans on the economy

Analysis byStephen Collinson, CNN

Updated 7:47 AM ET, Thu May 5, 2022


He is doing it with no shame and remorse whatsoever.

Things can look really bleak when your staunchest supporters like CNN are putting the whammies on you. It seems that lying, cheating, misogyny and stealing are acceptable to most citizens as long as it does not involve them directly. When it starts costing them big money out of their own pocket that is when there jaws get tighter than aunt Lucy’s girdle.

It’s not like Kamikaze Joe it’s just concentrated his blitz creed on one particular facet of the American economy; this madman is demolishing everything he gets his hands on.

There is absolutely no doubt in…

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