White House Praises Kamala Harris’ Handling Of Migration Crisis As Border Crossings Hit 22-Year High: Biden ‘Absolutely’ Backs Harris As Border Czar — The Gateway Pundit

Biden’s praise of Harris is as big a joke as she is; PRAISE FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This woman gets a pay check (tax payer’s pay) for doing nothing. (Arlin Report comment)

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A majority of Americans want Joe Biden to secure the porous southern border with tougher immigration policies. But the will of the American people falls on deaf ears under the Biden regime.

Customs and Border Protection encountered 221,2020 migrants illegally crossing the southern border in March, marking a22-year highas the Biden administration releases an unprecedented number of border crossers and illegal aliensinto the U.S. interior.

The Department of Homeland Securitywarnsas many as 18,000 migrants will flood across the southern borderper dayif Title 42 is revoked.

But the Biden administration has no plans to stop the mass illegal migration surge.

In fact, the Biden White House is “grateful” for the job Vice President Kamala Harris has done as border czar.

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