The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised Ukraine to destroy all high-threat pathogens housed in public health laboratories to prevent potential spills that could spread disease.

Labs making man made diseases, so they can research and find cures, to turn them into pills for Big Pharma. And, bioweapons. Which is what these diseases are!


Ukraine’s laboratory capabilities have been at the forefront of a growing information war following the Russian invasion two weeks ago. (Reuters)

Biosecurity experts have warned that Russia’s troop movement in Ukraine and the bombardment of its cities raised the risk of disease-causing pathogens escaping should any facilities be damaged,Reutersreported.

Ukraine has public health laboratories, like several other countries, researching ways to mitigate the threats posed by dangerous diseases that affect both humans and animals, including Covid-19. Its labs receive support from the US, the WHO, and the European Union.

In response to questions about its work with Ukraine prior to and during the invasion, the WHO said that it had collaborated with the country’s public health labs for years to promote security practices that prevent the deliberate or accidental release of pathogens.

As part of this work, the United Nations health agency has recommended to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other responsible bodies to get rid of high-threat pathogens.

While the WHO did not reveal when it made the…

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