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I think Biden’s administration cares less whether the Ukraine defeats Putin or not.

MN Prager Discussion Group

March 5, 2022

There Is A Time-Honored Way To Help Ukraine Quickly Defeat Russia

By Ed Sherdlu at American Thinker:

The economic sanctions and boycotts directed at Putin’s Russia have been and will continue to be a complete failure. They may cause an economic slowdown in Russia, even a significant one. Aeroflot may stop flying outside the country. The French may seize the oligarchs’ floating brothels disguised as yachts, and Putin’s mistresses may miss their latest designer gowns from the Paris fashion shows. At the corner grocery store in Moscow, the shelves may be more even bare than usual. The sanctions will be “successful” only in that way. But these sanctions will not stop one bullet from being fired in Ukraine or prevent another kilometer of Ukrainian territory from being seized. That’s all that counts and, in that way, these sanctions are and will be a total failure.

But there…

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