Confused Old Man Yells at Nation for an Hour …

The three cartoon characters on screen last night (Harris, Pelosi Biden), all in the same viewer eyes are without a doubt the best or worse of what our pathetic leadership (non-leadership) looks like. One is scary alone, the 3 together are like experience a Nightmare on Elm Street every night! And about those empty seats? Yes, they will tell you that it was due to social distancing. Okay…..that means half of who would normally be there would not have a seat. Who decided who could be there and who would not? Ummm, I am thinking some volunteered to stay away. And, to indicate more reps and senators chose to stay away, there was in some sections more than one or two seats separating those who did attend. To confuse the matter, some sections showed individuals snuggled up next to one another (as would be normal), indicating possibly social distancing was not a concern or requirement. Then there was the balcony……..there were areas (especially directly to Biden’s right) where sections were nearly completely empty. I guess there were enough seats available in the center sections. Normally, the House Chamber is packed to the limit, no seats empty or very few. Not the case, and social distancing is not the reason for the small attendance. (Arlin Report comment)

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