Along with passing a test on the U.S. Constitution, like we once had to do to receive your high school diploma, along with your state’s constitution I might add!


Two peas in a pod – Biden/Harris! In the future, we must have an IQ TEST for our politicians. This is not good for the country. Two Marxists who do not know what they are doing and leading from behind the Obama donkey and spreading manure as they travel.

The demolition derby which is lead by VP Harris who continues to use laughter as a part of her instability because her brain doesn’t function in a normal way. She uses laughter to throw off the questions given to her because she lacks the mental experience and knowledge as a politician. She has skirted her way through politics by using her role as a empty-headed woman with laughter as her tool. It is a shame she was used as the “first” woman in this role and does not set a good example for us.


What Causes Inappropriate Laughing After Every…

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