An Important Message From Independent International Scientists!

NOTE: I received this communication last evening in the form of a private email. The authors wished for me to publish the document and related PDF on NoFakeNews.

–Dr. Reizer


Message: Ladies and gentlemen, first emphasized: We are serious international scientists, not conspiracy theorists! The following are the real facts about what is happening at the moment, the following text is also attached as a PDF.

The greatest genocide in human history takes place now!

This rapidly evolving international criminal machinations to foist an extremely hazardous ‘vaccine’ upon the entire planetary civilization is completely without precedent. But what makes it a truly genocidal crime wave washing over the planet is the extraordinary intention to enforce such a comprehensive and complex cover-up of the never-ending crime spree.

To date, there are countless proven cases of deaths, injuries and illness which have occurred right after people have received the different Covid…

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