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The world has gone nuts.   It didn’t happen overnight, but it seems to have sneaked up on us, escalated to higher levels of stupidity and insanity.   Political correctness is a small fraction of it with incompetence and corruption at its base.  There is total out of control chaos in some (many)  areas of the globe.   I can’t say the U.S. is in the number one position as a dysfunctional chaotic world leader, but it ranks right up there.   We certainly aren’t leading in math and science.   The rest of the world is laughing at us during our election process to place a President-elect in the White House.   Seriously, we try to be the model for a democratic election process?   Nobody, no country can take us seriously anymore.

Those that think they are the “Powers that Be” making last-ditch efforts to keep Trump from the WH, many will do whatever in their wormy powers to see that he fails as soon as he is sworn-in.   These are people pretending to be leaders……..your Congress.    We had it with Obama, to an extent where he had to abuse executive power to achieve his agenda, whatever his agenda was.   I didn’t vote for Obama, either time; but I didn’t want him to fail.   This is my/our country, our President.   It takes a screwed up soul to want the president of your country to fail.

Your time to be anti-Trump was during the campaign.    Supporting someone who holds office doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything he says, does or believes.   You voice your opinion, lobby, even demonstrate and protest in a peaceful manner.  You show support by writing  a letter or phone call to the office holder (someone will get it) even your differences .  They need public opinion.  You hope, even pray they make the right/best decisions.

It is absolutely insane what we see happening today.   The House of Representatives recently passed HR Bill 4919, which could microchip/track individuals with “mental disabilities”.    If it becomes law……….lets start with the mentally incompetent individuals in the Congress of the U.S. and those that would do anything to see your president and this nation fail.    Start there!



  1. Go Trump, Go! No matter what you do, there will be those who oppose you. For example, you could not hire enough minorities — minorities as being defined as women, Latinos’, Blacks’, Mexicians’, Native Americans’, etc. — to satisfy even one person in these United States of America. This is because every one of those groups have within them Trump supporters and anti-Trump supporters. I personally think your cabinet is shaping up to be a very good mix of different people groups. Just because the Blacks you have hired are Uncle Tom’s to other Blacks does not mean you are doing a great job. Keep up Mr. Trump!!!


  2. Two thoughts…

    Anti- political-correctness as mostly used today is simply an excuse to ignore established norms as to what is acceptable behavior. If you think things are going nuts, that’s a good place to start
    Much of what you perceive to be Anti-Trump is in response to specific actions as opposed to a general desire to obstruct even the things you are for like Republicans in Congress did when Obama took office.

    While his having Steve Bannon as one of his closest advisors may mean nothing to you. I will steadfastly be against it. A Jeff Sessions as Attorney General may not bother you because you don’t have the things to lose I do. Devos as Secretary of Education, his unknown finances and ties to Russian mobsters and banks. The thought that he and his administration is concerned about public response is laughable. His relationship with the truth is such I’m not sure they ever met.
    In spite of that I recognize him to be the President-Elect son to be President. I think there was Russian influence but that there’s no way to determine the impact and whether or not it impacted the result. I believe Voter Suppression which Trump and Sessions favor was a much bigger factor was a much bigger deal. I support engagement with Trump and reaching agreement wherever possible. I also support resisting his version of “Making America Great Again” which leaves out not only those that don’t look like him but most in his income bracket.


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