Holt biased in Trump-Clinton debate

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Debate Analysis: Lester Holt took sides in the Trump-Clinton debate, and denied the American people an opportunity to understand the real issues separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Although Clinton claims she won, the truth is she wasn’t as much a factor in the debate as Holt was. And while Trump could have done better, he didn’t do too bad standing up to a barrage of attacks from Holt and Clinton who tag-teamed him. The real debate loser was Lester Holt

By Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania, City Hall Reporter, (1976-1992) Ray Hanania, City Hall Reporter, (1976-1992)

Ask me if Lester Holt was fair in “moderating“ the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

My answer, “Yeah. I don’t know.”

Which is my lead-in to No, Holt wasn’t fair and here is why.

The fact is that if Lester Holt had been a fair moderator, or even a fair journalist during the debate, Trump would have easily…

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