Obama banning AR-15 Ammo


Dumass Obama today made another move into banning ammo…for the most popular weapon owned by gun owners…the AR-15. A majority of AR-15’s use .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO. Very similar rounds. And since the rat bastard can’t ban the guns, the next obvious solution for him is to ban the ammo. After all, a gun with no ammo is just an expensive club…

So the basics behind this is as follows…the BATFE is trying to declare this ammo as “armor piercing”. It was off of this exemption list since the late 70’s. So now they want to put it back on the banned list with other armor piercing ammo. I posted a video just the other day of this action about to take place. Remember…the President doesn’t make the rules….BATFE doesn’t make the rules….Congress makes the rules. Obama has no authority to make this rule, neither does BATFE.

When the…

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3 thoughts on “Obama banning AR-15 Ammo”

  1. I believe this move will cost him. We have the right to keep and bare arms. We pay for these guns.Consider this for a moment, say you bought a new car and Obama decided to ban gas? It would render your car useless. Will the supreme court uphold a ban on gas for your new car? I do not believe the ban bullets will stand got two reasons, one it is a direct attack on the second amendment, secondly he is directly and purposely doing direct harm to consumers who have purchased these firearms. He is causing direct monetary damage.


    1. He’ll do whatever and for however long he can get away with it. He also tests/dares the Supreme Court….he knows they can be slow to act and he get a lot of ammo off the shelf and some companies could go broke/out of business.


      1. Thats true but you must remember the thorn in his side known as the NRA. They will be pushing hard, its what they do.


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