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arlin report thought of the day: Yahoo news bias……deceptive fact checkers

Following the VP debate last evening, Yahoo News did a fact check on the candidate’s claims. Ummmm! Fact is they only checked Pence. They left Kamala Harris alone………gave her a free night on her lies and deception. Clearly another example of media bias against the Trump Administration; but not surprising.

clinton comments ……..helping the donald get re-elected

Yahoo is anti-Trump, ran this story thinking somehow Clinton’s comments on Trump would keep him from getting re-elected, as if anyone listens to Hillary. She is still bashing Sanders by the way. The best part of this article are the comments from readers, ripping the old presidential wannabe to shreds. You want Americas real opinion of Hillary R. Clinton? Read the comments by the readers. I guess Yahoo thought this was going to influence voters away from Trump. Yahoo!!! Keep on posting these anti-Trump articles on people like Hillary Clinton………. Trump support getting stronger by the day. Thank you for your support!