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arlin report late night thought of the day: censored?

It amazes me how some articles I copy and paste aren’t allowed or I receive an ERROR message? Like the coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it will kill! Had an article I found on that, copied and pasted and got a “can not preview” from WORDPRESS. Amazing!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: blocked posts?

9 times out of 10 I have no problem copying a link to paste here. However, that 1 other time always seems to be on articles I am pasting regarding events of controversy. Usually something political. Just trying to copy a URL and repost, a story I believe deserves additional viewing.

I don’t think I am just being paranoid, maybe, maybe its a WordPress error. ?

Then, as soon as I make THIS post, the link I was trying to paste suddenly appears. Making me look stupid.

arlin report: still learning

Still learning about some of WordPress’ new features, with blocks, and embedding, etc. I currently tend to repeat my clicks when adding an embedded feature. Therefore the links I add get added multiple times and I haven’t figured out how to delete links I have over inserted. So, for now if you see a link multiple times on my posts, its because I am still in the learning process of how to use them. My apology. Any help, tip or advice would be appreciated in the meantime.


I often use Blacklisted News as a source for reblogging articles.   I have found them to be very accurate in reporting news and current events.   However, it seems WordPress may have a different opinion, or just simply want to control what is released and not released.   WordPress has deprecated the Blacklisted News bookmark.   Another words you can not repost from the Blacklisted website to a WordPress account.   Cut and paste works though, for now!