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16 X 20 Oil on Canvas: Follow the Eyes

I did this oil painting (finished it) of a wolf in some trees, on 1-5-2004, over 18 years ago. I wasn’t very good back then, even though I had been painting a few years. For the most part I am self taught. I Watch a lot of YouTube videos, as my teaching source. About 20 years ago I took lessons from a lady from Washington, Missouri. She was a very good artist, could paint just about anything. Some of her portraits were amazing (especially of children). Saw her once a week and she charged me a whopping $5.00 a lesson. When I met her at an art fair in Washington, when she told me she’d charge 5 for lessons I thought she meant $500 for a series of lessons. When I repeated $500 for how many?……..She said “No, $5 per lesson.” My response was a no-brainer “Sign me up!”. I am sorry to say, her name escapes me now.

When I first started about 25 years ago, I started with watercolors. Hated them, I couldn’t control the paint. My stuff (and that’s exactly what it looked like…….just stuff), looked like something a kindergartener would do. No offense to kindergarteners. I tried watercolors for about a week (which I really on used because they were the cheapest for learning), then moved on to Acrylics. Oh…….much better, but a lot of my STUFF was muddy. At least I felt like I had graduated up to about a 3rd grade level.

I painted a lot back then and gradually got better. Then I quit for awhile, I didn’t see much improvement. Before I quit though I tried oils, (acrylics were cheaper than oils) and I loved the buttery smooth feel of laying them on canvas. I was hooked, have never used acrylics or watercolors since. After I quit for almost a year, that is when I met the lady I mentioned above from Washington, MO. I improved a lot, but after I moved away from the area, I quit seeing her. I have had off and on periods of painting and not painting. I often had artist’s block!

I was painting out of a bedroom/office, with limited space and bad lighting. Recently, a few weeks ago I converted a corner of our basement into a studio. Put down a foam floor, proper lighting, a good size table/bench, a desk/drawing board, easel and this computer on a table. I am committed to painting (something) everyday now. I don’t have to complete anything each day, but I do have to put the paint on the canvas and move it around. Currently working on a portrait of my Siberian Husky, Sky. Sadly she passed away a few short years ago. I will admit having the passion I had for my best friend Sky is showing in the painting. It is (so far) one of the best paintings I have ever done or attempted. I should learn something from this. Paint what you love!

No, the wolf above is not Sky. She was gray, white and black.


Image result for photos of the lying media

Its like the Boy that Cried Wolf:  He yelled “wolf, wolf!” and people came running and he laughed.   Then when the wolf really showed, he cried “wolf, wolf!” and no one came.  He lied so often he was not to be believed when he spoke the truth.   He died, he was not saved from the wolf by his neighbors.  He was known as a liar that was no longer believed.  It was the lies as much as the wolf that killed him.

The Main Stream Media has lied, falsely reported, twisted so much that they are no longer believable.   Will it destroy them?  They are losing their audience.  I can’t listen to their crap any longer myself.  They stopped reporting the news, what happened, what was said? They report everything how they want us/you to perceive it.  Not accurate reporting, just how they want you to view it.   They have taken political sides, mostly liberal, and add to the twisted agenda.  They will say whatever it takes for Americans to fall into their trap of BS.

You can no longer believe the media, even when they may get it right.   How are we to know?   Social media………you get the same mix.  Search for those that you find accurate and trust.

Seems like there would be a great opportunity for an organization to investigate, and report with honesty.   Can such a group break past what we currently have?