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Wisdom and understanding.

Our leaders lack in both. And as a result we lack in at least wisdom, we keep electing people that have neither.

BTW: I will be gone a few days. Won’t be posting until Monday next week. Going on a short golf vacation. Of all places, heading north to Burlington, Iowa. There is a nice course there, Spirit Hollow. Ranked #1 course in Iowa. We were there about 5 years ago, stayed in the lodge (attached to club house). Hopefully this time we don’t lock ourselves out on the balcony like we did before (light evening, after everyone had gone home except the night watchman. He found us after about an hour. My significant other wanted me to jump from the 2nd level to get down. I wasn’t about to break a leg. So we waited. )

See you in a few days!

psalm 90:12

Psalm 90:12

Many today are spending their days relishing in chaos and hatred. I would prefer to spend mine doing for my family and others to make a pleasant life. We can hold people, including any corrupt government officials accountable without destroying our infrastructure and the innocent. We need to be wiser, we need to do more than listen.

Have a wonderful productive day! It is better to guide through calmness than storms where we get lost.