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reassignment for lt. col. vindman?? moving info below!

I understand Lt. Col. Vindman may be reassigned soon. If the disloyal Lt. Col. has any say in his relocation he may find the below link very helpful. A base in Alaska would place him close to his beloved Russia. Fort Wainwright however would place him even further north in this beautiful state. Think of the scenery sir! You could even drive to a mountain top where you could see your beloved Russia and wave to Putin!

However, can we really trust Vindman to be so close to his near and dear to his heart Russia? He was after all reprimanded for criticizing the U.S. before a group of Russian soldiers once.

I understand Trump would want to get rid of a LEAKER from the White House. It has been an issue for the President from the beginning of his term. Or do you keep a political enemy from the ranks of the military close by………. but limit his access to meetings etc? If Trump moves him out completely, can he be trusted with any confidential/classified information?

Maybe Trump should assign him to stand guard at the vault where communications are secured. Just don’t make it possible for him to have access to the vault. Just stand guard.


Or maybe just have him stand at the entrance of the Pentagon as a “MEET & GREET OFFICER”………. you know like a Walmart greeter!