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arlin report thought(s) of the day: reparation payments?

NORTH AMERICAN financial support given to people in need: It is called WELFARE. Why would we even have a discussion on “reparation”. With all the government assistance in this country…….welfare etc., reparation has been paid.


Originally posted on Peace and Freedom: Texas is home to almost 10% of poor Americans, but over the past two decades, it has vastly curtailed the money it provides in cash assistance By Alexa Ura Alexa Ura is a reporter with the Texas tribune Thursday 30 November 2017 06.00 EST ‘Texas has a long history of regarding welfare…

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Welfare drug testing…….bring it to the USA

Originally posted on sentinelblog: From MRCTV, by Eric Scheiner Drug testing for welfare payments is slated to begin in Australia next year as part of their new budget. 7 News Australia reports 5000 recipients in the Newstart and Youth Allowance programs will be included in the two-year trial of drug testing to take place in three…

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Only liberal Democrats would scream drug testing when applying for welfare is unconstitutional.   Cocaine is more expensive than a hamburger.   It’s just wrong to ask for a hand out, then spend your money on illegal drugs.

Welfare is tax payer money.   We have a right to determine what it can and can not be used for; therefore it is not unconstitutional to deny drug users welfare.

Drug testing for applicants of welfare should be in all 50 states.  That is really the only issue here, that it is not yet in all the states.