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Nope its Missouri!     Yesterday the high in the St. Louis/St. Charles, MO area was 72.5 degrees.   Today’s high around 43 degrees.   Saturday, snow expected.   Expected?   That is a somewhat calculated guess in these here parts as we might say.   Expected…….but not definite.   Nothing is definite weather wise anywhere, but it holds especially true in “these here parts” known as Missouri.

Looks like 40 degree highs and high twenty degree lows have been calculated for early next week……then a gradual creep-up the temperature gauge during the middle of the week.   Next Sunday……..not this week-end but next week-end (don’t get excited) but we are back to “around” 72 degrees again.   The key here for you all with allergies, the gradual climb up may be a bit easier on you than it has been.

Doctor offices have an influx of people coming in with what they think are colds and even the flu………even sore throats; but its allergies in many cases and the up and down temps only makes it worse.   One day its 70 and the next day its in the 40s……other than changing coat or jacket thickness all the time, it messes with your senses.   So bundle up today………though in the middle of January we don’t complain about 43 degrees, feels good even; stay warm ……tomorrows another day; Spring is near.

Have a great day y’all!



When the weatherman says, “we’ll let you know so you can prepare for whats coming.”   So, whats really coming?   Did they only need to say,  “Don’t leave home without your umbrella”?

“Don’t leave home without your umbrella!”   I will get 5 miles down the highway and realize……..I forgot my umbrella.

Have a great day!




Rain, heavy most of the day Saturday, still drizzling today here in St. Charles, Mo.   We can’t complain though, people have lost loved ones in the South/Southeast from flash flooding and tornadoes.  Homes have been lost.   We know what that is like here in Missouri, tornado central.  I lived through one while attending college in Joplin.   Saw several twisters every Spring and Summer there, two side by side once, from a distance.

Mother Nature can be brutal, she does what she wants when she wants.   Dumb butts like Obama, will say “See why we need to have our priority on climate change and global warming.   See what has happened.”

Mother Nature has been spanking our butt since the beginning of time.

People are suffering in the South, homes lost, lives lost, lives changed for forever.  Schools and churches damaged, from the tornadoes and flooding; roads closed, power lost.

A caring President would be touring the damaged states, if not to give aid to at least give emotional support.   But this President, this jack ass stays on vacation in Hawaii, swinging his golf clubs.   This President who said “As President I will never take a vacation.”   Obama, the lie machine.

Obama will show his face when the winds die, the rain stops, the mud has dried.   Don’t bother, We the People will cover it.