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Welcome to Adam Schiff’s 2019 version of “the twilight zone”

Today’s fiasco (already a failure of its intention) is not an impeachment hearing. Lets refer to it for what it is……. the next step of the COUP! The majority of Americans know it!

The Democrats have their trained circus monkey sitting in the center of it all. Nancy Pelosi chose the one individual from The House she knew would go to any extent, lie his way through a corrupt process without any remorse to get where we are today. If this were a legal hearing, one that followed the constitution, one of fairness, then the President would have legal counsel there, the Republicans would be allowed to call witnesses. None of this will happen. The Republican’s witness list was rejected. This is not a legitimate hearing. If this were in a court room anywhere else, they’d be allowed all that. It is called due process, which we all have a right, a right to defend yourself. Due process isn’t just being withheld from Trump, it is being withheld from the American people. This whole thing is a farce. What it will be is a long, drawn out fictitious televised series. The names will be real, fairytale crap, produced by Nancy Pelosi with taxpayer financial backing and directed by Adam Schiff. Welcome to Schiff’s “Twilight Zone”.

This pathetic series should be cancelled. The main actors, Pelosi and Schiff and “the committee” (Dems) should be removed and forced into retirement, without retirement pay. They’ve stolen enough from us.

Schiff should be held in contempt. He has lied, does not follow rules of law. Schiff is a selfrighteous, habitual liar. The most corrupt individual in The House is guiding this fake hearing, a step in this planned coup.

Think about this, how much taxpayer money do they continue to toss down the drain, with no concern of what we think? This is the biggest scandal in the history of our nation. Nixon never came close to what Schiff (NO NOT TRUMP) and the Democrats are doing. This is the greatest demonstration of what Washington and the Deep State think of We the People.

THIS CIRCUS IS A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT. Maybe Trump should declare one! Wouldn’t that be fun, cause quite a stir. Order the National Guard to circle Capitol Hill, take Schiff into custody. I know, I’m dreaming.

About these Adam Schiff cherry picked witnesses; they’ve already testified behind closed doors. I wonder how many stories/responses will change now that they are before the American public? Schiff is walking a tight rope, and it could snap.

Dead in the water, supposedly in the Senate, which means this is really a waste of time and our money. If they can’t remove Trump, the Dems (Socialist Party) hope this fictitious series influences enough votes to remove him in the 2020 election. The Dems are shooting craps!

To Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill: Something for you to see………….

See the video below, but for you Claire, you should have gotten this before hand, the understanding.   Getting it now?  Too late to save your Senate seat.  Enjoy your final days in Washington.   Gas up that plane, it’ll be a long ride home.



The blogging world of politics in America, I’ve been especially quiet, for me that is, on the political front; reporting and releasing my opinion.  I get bored easily, when its the same old thing, for such a long period.   I mean, really, aren’t you sick of Mueller by now?  He has nothing, doing nothing but throwing away taxpayer money……. His effort to find something, anything, real or make-believe (that he can convince people to believe) to run Donald Trump from office, to ruin him is top shelf government spending waste and an illustration of U.S. Federal Government stupidity!

I am disgusted with the ranks of our political system that can not find enough evidence, where evidence is clear and abundant to prosecute within, on the likes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, while they ran rabid with their Clinton Crime Syndicate named under their “foundation”.  And, those emails, classified info……if it were you or me….we’d need a lawyer.  But, if you, you little peon, middle American, you miss paying your income tax, or cut it short……..or forget to pay that parking ticket…….they are coming after you!

Senate and House committees?   Meetings to cover-up their colleagues…..planning committee on how to cover Senator Little Johnny Moron’s latest sexual abuse accusation, payoff the victim from funds from the storm water run off account, or highway and bridge infrastructure.   I mean, its more important to clear Little Johnny Moron’s uncontrollable penis, than replace our nation’s highways and bridges.

Everything dirty about Washington, is covered-up in these false, smoke screen committees.   House and Senate intelligence committees?   What intelligence?  They have these two-year investigations, they claim are going on, but do nothing, once again, despite overwhelming abundance of evidence.  I mean come on, Comey’s big mouth proved…….his FBI (I should say the Director) assisted in covering for Hillary.    What has the COMMITTEE done?   Absolutely nothing!   They do nothing to serve the American people, they self-serve, to protect not you, but their own top shelf corruption.

Talk about Venezuela?   Our U.S. government is as corrupt!

My point of this post was, I’ve been quiet, sometimes absent.   I’m not arrogant, I just have things to say.   I probably needed a break, from my own tongue and mind.  To refocus.   I guess what I mean is:   I’m back!


Special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigative team and lawyers, they benefit the most.  We the people, for us to benefit, the truth must come from this special counsel.   Do you trust that to really happen?   The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  When was the last time WE could rely on anything coming from Washington D.C. to be factual?

Robert Mueller, was to go in and investigate if the newly elected POTUS obstructed justice, mostly against former FBI Director James Comey.    Mueller and Comey are tight…… Comey trusted Mueller could in the least give the implication Trump was obstructive.   That hasn’t worked out so well, not as planned.   We have found Trump had good reason to fire the Director.  Russia, Russia, Russia…….. lets nail Trump on Russian collusion.  The arrows have pointed in other directions…….a boomerang effect.

Going after the big fish has only landed a couple of minnows on this Mueller fishing expedition.  Mike Flynn may be (May be) next in the net.   This too appears to be more about Flynn than Trump.   For all that they (the Dems, the libs) were hoping to catch…….it has to be rather frustrating for them.   They’ve even tried framing Trump and false accusations, that they were actually guilty of.

How many more months or years will Mueller and his band of lawyers remain on this fishing trip?   This is exceptionally expensive……. their salaries and expenses are costing tax payers millions.   What will be the end results, who will go to jail?   Manafort, for his personal crimes?  Anyone breaking the law should be held accountable and punished, that includes Washington elites.   They should have the same repercussions as the average American Jack and Jill.

To extend this expedition started by the Left because they can’t live with the outcome of the presidential election……..is costing us millions if not billions.   Investigate and follow the real evidence and the MONEY.   That trail will lead us to the guilty; that is where the collusion and crimes lie.   Will they lock up the guilty?  Will they ever go to trial?   Washington doesn’t have a good history of doing that to their own.   Originally I thought, and I am not convinced he still isn’t, was for Mueller to go in and cover-up, not investigate the real crimes.   How long should it really take?

So, the longer this goes on, the more money for Mueller and his team (they are the beneficiary’s).   Who pays………you and I.



We do and will suffer from our own stupidity.   That is true on a personal level as well as a nation as a whole.   The Intel community isn’t always intelligent as we are witnessing.    Our self-centered elected officials are chosen to lead, but we struggle to find leaders.

We rant and rave without knowing truth.  We sit on our heels when we think we do, but don’t or we are too naive with……..”oh they don’t do that” or “that’s just crazy”, “that’s outrageous” or “you’ve been watching too many Jason Bourne movies”.    The problem is and I understand this, “who can you believe anymore”?    Everyone in Washington lies about something.   Somethings, we shouldn’t know……but gets leaked.  Leaking has become the rage, a fad.  LIES are often leaked, purposely………truth is leaked, but can you tell or know the difference.   Not when you have people on the inside that are against you, left overs.    Left overs are good for a while, but must be tossed out eventually.  Don’t take too long to do it, it will contaminate all that is good and you are left with a bad smell.   That smell is hard to get rid of.

Trump should clean House.

What we leave our children is in our hands, our responsibility……we need to act responsibly and hold each other accountable.   That especially includes those called upon to lead.   We each can be like a string, strung together to form a strong rope for the future of our children ………and pets, their part of the family.


When was the last time our government did anything you applauded?  It has been this way for a long time, they no longer work for you, they only take.     Don’t say Obamacare……not for the majority of us anyway.    They create a program, tell you it’s in your best interest, but only benefits a few, very few.   Deceit, is expensive and the middle class always pays the highest price and receives nothing in return.  Insurance benefits?   It isn’t a benefit, it is a service most of us pay for; more and more and get less and less.

Corruption runs amuck at every governmental level.   The political establishment in Washington is a Brother and Sisterhood, a Washington Crime Syndicate (Clinton Crime Syndicate) they protect each other and it makes no difference what side of the aisle you sit.    They all have so much on each other, corruption runs like a wild river with no end.   In Washington, it is second nature to have something or know something on all; so the corruption circle jerk spins on and on.   How the Hell do you think the Clinton’s survive their daily behavior.   Chelsea, didn’t fall from the tree as we now know as well.   Obama, oh my God yes Obama, the head master, but his corruption is unmatched with the Clinton’s; Hillary in particular.  Hillary wrote The Book on Corruption.  She runs on cold blood.  AG Lynch, takes her orders from Obama, but she took an oath to uphold the constitution as well; and she has not!   The White House, the State Department, DOJ and the DNC, all corrupt and yes the Republican’s standby and watch ………….do nothing.   The FBI Director?    I venture to say this is not his first cover-up.

Hillary was the chosen one, she’ll do as the master bosses say (Rothschild and Illuminati and Soros).   She is The Puppet!   They’ll feed her with wealth, and she’ll do as they say because she has no choice.   She was bought long ago, there is no going back for Hillary; even if she wanted and she doesn’t.   She loves where she is, corrupt and sick, but wealthy with a Title.   She does not represent us and she never will; she works for herself and those that feed her.   This is how a monster is created and survives.

With all the corruption, and a government that is no longer for or of the people; they are pushing us, intentionally pushing us towards further unrest.   They are pushing us to revolution.  Listen to your Founding Fathers!

World Class Journalist Spills the Beans, Admits Mainstream Media is Completely Fake — peoples trust toronto

http://ift.tt/eA8V8J Recently, Dr. Ulfakatte went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also adding that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job. He recently made… Vía Global Research http://ift.tt/1UUQBqj

via World Class Journalist Spills the Beans, Admits Mainstream Media is Completely Fake — peoples trust toronto

Trump has said from the beginning of his campaign that the media were liars, dishonest.   We all knew this to an extent………manipulated and used by the government, yes even the U.S. government.  This is a fact that the establishment political class in Washington fully understands; one of many reasons they fear Trump and are fighting his nomination.   Their party (celebratory positions) could come to a crashing end…….to an extend anyway.


I for one am sick and tired of a minority setting policy in our schools, communities and in Washington from political correctness.   Stop it fools, its incorrect.   You are entitled to make your opinion, we all do, but policy and laws should not, can not be dictated, set because of a minority; often an extreme minority.   That means only a few of you.

If I want to wear red, white and blue to a football game,  I WILL.   Try and ban me……You’ll create a scene you might not want.   Eventually, those on the side of righteousness will STAND UP to you.

So, We the People, when we make up a majority, start standing up to the minority that cries till they get their way.   The majority voice drowns out the minority to a whisper.

My goodness!


Jack Nicklaus received the Congressional Gold Medal on Tuesday in Washington.  The medal is the highest medal awarded to a civilian.  Nicklaus is a well deserving recipient.

I won’t comment on the 4 goof balls that have him circled here, it’s too proud a moment for Nicklaus; it’s about him not them.   Another time.

Congratulations Jack!