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I think that revolution should have already started. Better late than never. Here would be a great start, similar to January 6, We the People ban together and march on Washington in numbers of which has never been seen. I mean massive numbers, we go to the Capitol, and we keep it peaceful, but use our voices with extreme force. Just the sight of people protesting (even peacefully) in those numbers would scare the hell out of the Nancy Pelosi crowd to a point they’d soil their pants. A protest, with massive numbers would overwhelm these pansy asses. If Jan. 6th told us anything it is that “The Washington D.C. powers that be are afraid of the American people”. A revolution is on its way, it must start peacefully. We don’t need to smash out windows and enter, to walk around the halls and chant. We can do that outside. Are weapon, doesn’t even need to be a gun. We can beat these morons without a gun. We can beat them with numbers, we outnumber them by the millions. They’d know we are coming, but there is nothing they can do to stop us. Of course they’d close down their sessions and probably go home. Or maybe not, their transportation home would be closed off, by the overwhelming number of real Americans taking back their country!

Here is one thing, a big thing we must be cautious of: There will be these radical, out of control groups that will want to infiltrate whatever we do. Wolves in sheep’s clothing type……..whose purpose would be to sabotage our massive protest. They’d want to do it their way……..with violence and destruction, like some on Jan. 6th did, like those cities in 2020. We can’t have that happen. We can defend against it, simply with our massive, overwhelming numbers. Remember THERE IS STRENGHT IN NUMBERS! That is our weapon of protest, and a defense against those wanting to sabotage our revolutionary movement.

Biden has been right about one thing: “It will get worse before it gets better folks!”. (Biden is a has-been). There is no end of this craziness in sight! How much worse can we allow it? You can’t afford food prices …….and it goes up daily. You are paying higher gas prices daily. You can’t afford gas to even get you to the grocery stores, to work or to the doctor’s office. WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? We are beyond that! Do you see any difference between our governing bodies today (who are out of control, only care about themselves and continue to take power, power away from We the People) and the British red coat’s ruling over our forefathers? They look the same to me!


Here is an interesting article on link below. I do not necessarily agree with everything stated, but makes an interesting read. (Also any politically stated positions mentioned or not necessarily my position either).


Ghislaine Maxwell Is Finally on Trial! — Aletho News

Don’t expect much – the cover-up has already begun! BY PHILIP GIRALDI • UNZ REVIEW • NOVEMBER 30, 2021 Jeffrey Epstein procurer Ghislaine Maxwell is finally in court going through the juror selection process and opening arguments after a 17 month stay at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Given Epstein’s somewhat suspicious departure from […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Finally on Trial! — Aletho News

Of course the cover-up has already begun! The Clinton Crime Cartel (including sex crimes) are involved, and not just Bill, but the evilest of the two Hillary! The Deep State is smack in the middle of it; too many big name politicians and supporters would fall! Satan owns Washington D.C.! Side note: Was Jeffrey Epstein’s death faked? (Arlin Report comment)

joe biden isn’t a don (arlin report thought(s) of the day

And I don’t mean as a Donald Trump! Joe Biden has always given the impression he is a Godfather type of crime families. Maybe his direct family he is. Joe Biden is not the leader of America’s organized crime center…………..known as the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.). D.C. is the home base or headquarters of the most destructive organized crime family in America, OUR GOVERNMENT. Joe Biden is a puppet of the corrupt masses, those that have been there too long. Biden has never led anything. He takes orders, he always has! I give him credit, he is a great actor, pretender………LIAR.

Someone recently posted a blog asking “Why isn’t Hunter Biden in jail?”. My response was “Hunter isn’t in jail for the same reason daddy Joe isn’t in jail. The organized crime syndicate in D.C., the Deep State, protects their own kind.” They don’t just cover Democrats, but all filthy corrupt political and government officials (ALL), Republicans, Independents and Socialists alike. Washington is so corrupt, the city should be burned to the ground. All the government buildings and institutions are so tainted, the halls are haunted. The people occupying office space in these buildings and walking the halls, the governing officials in fraudulent meetings pretending to represent our wishes have no respect for these institutions and haven’t for a long time. Power, authority and money is all they seek, at OUR expense. There isn’t enough jail space for them all, but plenty of rope!

Recently, JOE BIDEN was on stage and could not keep his disgusting PEDOPHILIAC thoughts to himself, made a comment directed towards a little girl (“sitting nice and pretty, looking like a 19 year old with her legs crossed” to paraphrase). If that were my grandchild or even my older daughter, I’d want to break the assholes jaw. If I were in his company (Biden’s) he’d certainly need the Secret Service’s protection. I would not let him get away with that kind of inappropriate remark. There are definitely two sets (if not more) of standards today, and D.C. skates by as usual. However, they’d be impeaching Trump again if he made a remark like that!

They are soooooo bothered by the events of January 6, that their space got invaded, you know their hallowed grounds. Space THEY have corrupt for many years. Corruption passes through at a greater pace than anything good. Corruption in D.C. is sought after more than good. What they consider good is what is only good for them.

A bull dozer could go through all of D.C. and turn the ground over, the stench would still be unbearable. We the People should, must rebuild America, make America truly great again, have a new center, a Center of the American People. All those currently in government not allowed! Sorry about that to the few that are good………but you could have done more and didn’t.

D.C. a wasteland, not fit for statehood

The District of Columbia is just over 68 square miles (68.34 sq. miles). By comparisonRhode Island, the smallest state in the country, is approximately 1,212 square miles. Our Founding Fathers intentionally wanted WashingtonD.C. to be a district, NOT a state.

Democrats want to make D.C. our (their) 51st state. It is obvious why. It is a highly dominate Democrat city. Statehood gives this 68.34 sq. miles 2 senators; most likely on the Democratic side of the isle; and probably 1 House rep. This is nothing more than a power grab.

Leave D.C. as it is, a governmental wasteland, perfectly named the Swamp.

all those fears, they are happening!!!

I reblogged an episode from Lionel Nation earlier today. He does a podcast/video, and occasionally I enjoy watching. Some, especially liberals would find him exhausting; probably why I like him. He is a tell it like it is guy. Todays main message was “All your fears are happening”! I am in total agreement.

Think about all your fears about government, think about what you have feared about not just this country but the world; whatever fears you have or had. Chaos? That is definitely one. That is a true indicator that whatever your fears are, THEY ARE HAPPENING. The border……….we no longer have one. Obama-Biden, they wanted that. We got it! Oh you didn’t want Biden? We got him! That nightmare fear came true, proving that IT IS HAPPENING! You didn’t vote for him? Most of us didn’t, that fraudulent election fear we had? IT HAPPENED! Biden out of control? No, he was never in control! Someone behind the scenes would be in control, that was a fear, right? IT HAPPENED, IT IS STILL HAPPENING, AND NO ONE WILL STOP IT, NOT IN GOVERNMENT ANYWAY! We have allowed corruption for so long, that we have become overwhelmed, swarmed by it and our country is in collapse! What happened at the Alamo should have been a constant reminder of what could happen. Difference is we gave up, we’ve caved in, the patriots at the Alamo did not, fought to their deaths. But the big difference, this, our most feared enemy would be from within! IT HAPPENED, IS HAPPENING, WHO WILL STOP IT?

Where has our will, our spirit, our fight, where has it all gone? It most definitely is missing. We have taken up the ‘Oh well there is nothing we can do, just accept everything we are told, ordered to believe and/or do! Because these people in D.C. (and the sad thing is we voted for most of them in) after all they know better, they know what is best for us. Hillary Clinton said years ago, “Government had to make decisions for the people, because only they know what is best for them, they (meaning the people) aren’t capable.” That was to paraphrase, Satan’s rag doll Hillary Clinton.

So, how long do we, WE THE PEOPLE, stand by and watch this country fall in total collapse? You think IT can’t happen, that it would never happen? IT IS HAPPENING! Are we going to just sit on our hands, stay on the couch, stay locked up in our homes, and watch it fall? The COVID thing, the lockdown, the wear those ridiculous masks made it easier for them. You know who I mean by them! Everything evil in Washington, and in our state capitols as well. Some of our cities are still burning, the riots. You know the THEM SQUAD IN WASHINGTON who refer to these as peaceful protests. We just sit by and watch those cities come tumbling down. No, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis etc., etc., when the mayors and govs in charge just allowed it, some like Kamala Harris (your far left socialist VP, soon to be Prez) encouraged it, you are still watching them burn. Is that what we are doing? Waiting till all our cities are in total ashes, so we can rebuild……start from scratch? BETTER THINK ABOUT THAT! THAT BLUEPRINT WOULD COME FROM THOSE THAT TORE US DOWN, THOSE SAME PEOPLE WE ALLOWED TO DESTROY US!

That fence around the capitol in D.C.? They fear we the people, that we would revolt against them. What we really need to do is take a bull dozer to all of Washington, yes all of it. It has become the national headquarters of our nation for CORRUPTION, FILTH, IMMORALITY, ALL THINGS UNETHECAL and yes trafficking (all forms of it). It virtually is the Capitol for National Corruption. Possibly worldwide corruption. I’d say London is a close 2nd. They, the Nancy Pelosi’s laugh at us. Pelosi recently said “I am the House, I can seat or unseat anyone”. They no longer hide their corruption. It’s more than corruption, there are ultimate acts of treason carried on everyday. The stench is so bad, that they don’t even smell it anymore, they don’t care. Black, white, native American, Hispanic, Asian,……….they don’t care. It is all about them and their power surge. AND IT IS FROM BOTH PARTIES. One side plays the bad guys, the good guys, there is no good guys. The other party (Republicans) if they aren’t participating, they are by just turning their heads. The do nothing people, just talk a good game; you know Lindsey Graham, McConnell………those guys. But they get away with all, because THEY KNOW WE WON’T DO A DAMN THING. Will we?

Our fortitude as a nation is in question like it has never been. Will we stand up, face our enemies, which our greatest is within? Our founding fathers, those that fought in the CIvil War, those that stood their ground at the Alamo, and many other events too many to mention; do we have that same will? That fortitude to protect our way of life, to fight for this nation, do we have it? So far, I am not seeing it. It is like we are just standing by waiting for someone to do it. Trump? No………he exposed a lot of it! God is definitely watching, and he has His plans, but we must be the tools that carry it out. That is my hope, He gives us the strength and means to do it, but He also gives us FREE WILL! What is our will? Surely it can not be what we are watching……….this bad, horrific nightmare of a movie.

I need to learn how to drive a bulldozer! 🙂

arlin report thought(s) of the day: epidemic in washington d.c.

A disease that apparently has no cure. Habitual lying. Where in this country can you see lie after lie of this magnitude? Answer, Washington D.C. The cause? It’s greatly do to a surge of power, and to cover your ass. Liars continue to get away with lies, because…… they are not held accountable enough. Even under oath the liars get off. Never has it been more evident in the impeachment hearings, mostly from the committee chairmen. If they’ll lie on national T.V. with arrogance, what is the extent of their lies? It is to a point, we can’t know when they are lying and when they are telling the truth. It’s gotten to that. Trust, they simply can’t be trusted.

The lying in D.C. truly appears like an epidemic with no vaccination available. Each infected politician, and there are many, gets worse and it spreads like a plague.

arlin report thought of the day: D.C. LET’S CHANGE THE SUBJECT….FROM US TO TRUMP

What is really happening?

The Jeffrey Epstein documents came out, then we have this Trump phone call to the Ukraine scam by the Democrats, pretty close to the same time. Lets create a bigger scam against Trump so we can hide/avoid the Epstein list of sexual predators. LET’S CHANGE THE SUBJECT. The political scabs in Washington D.C. will do anything to keep their names from being exposed with the Epstein parties and orgies with children.

What is going on? 1) the attempt to remove Trump from office, to destroy him has been accelerated as has been the case since 2016, TRUMP WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN 2) Create/accelerate number 1 to take attention off those involved with Jeffrey Epstein, THE LIST OF WASHINGTON PREDATORS, A DIVERSION. We hear nothing about Epstein’s list anymore. 3) Use item 1 from above to keep Trump from exposing and destroying THE DEEP STATE/THE SWAMP.

Nancy Pelosi is covering up her own party. Using impeachment to distract from the real issues, the real corruption, THE COUP.

By the way, Jeffrey Epstein’s little girl recruiter said (to paraphrase) ‘Donald Trump DID NOT take part in any sexual events with Epstein’s girls, he just flirted with her.’