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“if we don’t impeach……………….” You know the rest


arlin report thought(s) of the day: epidemic in washington d.c.

A disease that apparently has no cure. Habitual lying. Where in this country can you see lie after lie of this magnitude? Answer, Washington D.C. The cause? It’s greatly do to a surge of power, and to cover your ass. Liars continue to get away with lies, because…… they are not held accountable enough. Even under oath the liars get off. Never has it been more evident in the impeachment hearings, mostly from the committee chairmen. If they’ll lie on national T.V. with arrogance, what is the extent of their lies? It is to a point, we can’t know when they are lying and when they are telling the truth. It’s gotten to that. Trust, they simply can’t be trusted.

The lying in D.C. truly appears like an epidemic with no vaccination available. Each infected politician, and there are many, gets worse and it spreads like a plague.

arlin report thought of the day: D.C. LET’S CHANGE THE SUBJECT….FROM US TO TRUMP

What is really happening?

The Jeffrey Epstein documents came out, then we have this Trump phone call to the Ukraine scam by the Democrats, pretty close to the same time. Lets create a bigger scam against Trump so we can hide/avoid the Epstein list of sexual predators. LET’S CHANGE THE SUBJECT. The political scabs in Washington D.C. will do anything to keep their names from being exposed with the Epstein parties and orgies with children.

What is going on? 1) the attempt to remove Trump from office, to destroy him has been accelerated as has been the case since 2016, TRUMP WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN 2) Create/accelerate number 1 to take attention off those involved with Jeffrey Epstein, THE LIST OF WASHINGTON PREDATORS, A DIVERSION. We hear nothing about Epstein’s list anymore. 3) Use item 1 from above to keep Trump from exposing and destroying THE DEEP STATE/THE SWAMP.

Nancy Pelosi is covering up her own party. Using impeachment to distract from the real issues, the real corruption, THE COUP.

By the way, Jeffrey Epstein’s little girl recruiter said (to paraphrase) ‘Donald Trump DID NOT take part in any sexual events with Epstein’s girls, he just flirted with her.’


trump not cleaning house quick enough

Image result for Photo of John Brennan and the obama administration

There is a difference in hanging on because you are loyal to the nation than there is to hang on because you are loyal to a previous administration. Donald Trump has been criticized often for firing people in his administration, including his own appointments. Transitions from one administration to another normally goes smoothly for the sake of the nation. The Obama Administration to the Trump Administration has not been the case.

Donald Trumps’ greatest challenge has not been foreign policy, the economy or infrastructure, but those leftovers from the previous administration and those he appointed that he thought he could trust. Trump may have underestimated just how deep and dark the DEEP STATE really is. The White House is full of bugs and snakes. Never before has an administration worked so hard to undermine and destroy its leader in the history of the United States as it has/is today. To put it bluntly, Donald Trump can not, should not, trust anyone. There seems to be only a handful of those loyalists he can trust. Leaks have been abundant, I would venture to say, there are a number of spies lingering in the White House. Trump has not cleaned house soon enough or deep enough. There has clearly been a coup to remove Donald Trump from the White House from day one. All roads lead back to Obama, with Hillary Clinton in the middle.

The Russian collusion and obstruction, and now a ridiculous attempt to impeach because of a phone call over something the president absolutely has the right to do, investigate corruption, with the Deep State, Obama, Hillary Clinton and the CIA all at the center of the greatest scandal, treasonous event in our history. THEY HAD TO DO THIS BECAUSE TRUMP SWORE TO THE PEOPLE OF THE U.S. HE WOULD DRAIN THE SWAMP. THE DEEP STATE IS THE SWAMP, and they are sharks still persistent in the White House.

THIS IS MY OPINION: It appears to me that Donald Trump may be sacrificing himself to fulfill a promise to Americans, to drain the Swamp, to expose them one by one, as many as he possibly can. Trump knew from the beginning he would be the central target of attacks from the Left and also the Right. This is why he at times has been outlandish, even abnormal if you will, and yes even vulgar. Donald Trump has not had the privilege of running his White House in a manner of “business as usual”, but he was not elected to. I believe Trump knew, what is happening now was bound to happen, it was planned. He has been framed, with the aid of those on the inside. For the Deep State to be successful, many of their own will be exposed, many will be sacrificed to protect the Swamp. They are after all bigger than Trump. Trump is fighting a battle he can not win on his own. It is a battle that must be fought, Trump just fired the first shots on behalf of We the People. We may not know who our enemies from within are until after they have destroyed our President. Not even the heroes of the Alamo took on such a burden as this. They knew who their enemy was. Trump is still discovering, investigating and exposing if you will, though he knows he may well be on his way out. THE FIX IS IN, it has been the moment Trump came down the escalator.

Do not be fooled the Deep State is not just from the Left. There are many Republicans that are very good at hiding their intentions. Their seats of power after all is their greatest interests.

We the People of the United States are losing our freedoms before our very eyes. The snakes in Washington D.C., the Deep State, The Swamp………the scum (whatever you want to call them) are destroying what this nation stood for. They are treasonous bastards. Here is ONE thing we can do about it:

REMOVE THEM ALL FROM OFFICE, one by one, clean them out. We have TERM LIMITATIONS ALREADY, we still may have “voting power”. 1) DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENTS, both Democrats and Republicans, NONE. Let them fall out one by one till they are GONE. 2) Vote in local people from the middle class, not the rich and powerful, people with business experience with commonsense. 3) Our newly elected officials MUST remove the appointed left overs from all the administrations before us; I TRUST we can find people qualified and competent. Remove most of the TOP DOGS from the different agencies. I realize we need men and women in major roles with experience in the military and foreign affairs. We have them, they are lurking beneath the scum, waiting for We the People to make change. Sounds far fetched I know…….but damn it we need to get off our hands and do something.


Nancy and Adam as I write these words, are taking the opportunity to address the American people, lecturing us that Trump is trashing the Constitution. Well, gee, they have already prejudged ……….without proof and getting all the facts. They are the great pretenders, trying to convince We the People that only they honor and abide by our Constitution. Yes, this is the same pair that one (Adam) flat out lied about the Ukrainian call by the President, last week in his hearing opening statement. A lie he was clearly caught on. And, Nancy, is just a babbling idiot. She DOES NOT follow the rules of impeachment. Just tells her boys and girls in the House, do what you need to do…….investigate. Their investigations include prejudging. They don’t even make statements of what may have happened, but statements that are, to them, factual without evidence. It doesn’t matter if there is evidence, they make crap up, via Adam Schiff.

By the way, the conference just ended moments ago. We waited quite a long time for Adam and Nancy to come out to the podium. Mics and cameras were in place. Reporters were seated. Wheres Nancy and Adam? Back stage perhaps getting their SCHIFF together, their stories straight.

This is all part of the COUP. It is planned out, and lying by these fake constitutionalists is a crime against Americans.

Every time one of these elected politicians lie to Americans, is perjury. They took an oath to uphold the constitution. When they lie that is damaging to the public, one they swore to protect. When they lie to us that is a crime against us under a document (the Constitution) that is in place to protect We the People. They should all be held accountable. However, only we can do that, they will not hold one another accountable.

Oh and Nancy said……. “We want to treat the President fairly.” That is BS. You say that, then make statements you have no proof of. You make accusations, but don’t (CAN’T) back them up.

We are living in a time where we are witnessing the most corrupt group of individuals (on both aisles) ever accumulated in Washington D.C. They are not governing, they are sucking the life out of the American people. How long are we going to take this crap?

I noticed Adam and Nancy neither one said absolutely nothing about Joe and Hunter Biden. Nothing!

Adam Schiff, you are a pathetic little bag of garbage. Time to remove the trash and send him home.



Liberal Democrats who were once blinded by the dark far Left are beginning to see the light.   They understand that the far left, which is made up of politicians (corrupt politicians) and money sources such as George Soros and Hollywood types, care only about power.  They care not for those they pretend to represent.  They only use them to carry out their dirty schemes, convincing them they will be better for it.   We’ll take care of you, just do as you are told.

Those that are seeing the far Left for what they are and what they are doing, are beginning to Walk Away.  More need to follow, join The March in D.C. on the 27th; but they must first Wake Up to join up and Walk Away.   They could be greatly instrumental in crushing the far Left’s craziness party.


Definition of transparent: Action, method, or procedure that lacks hidden agendas and conditions, and complies with the disclosure requirements of transparency …  Saying what one thinks, feels.

When was the last time we had a truly transparent president?  You have one, but the Democrats and actually most Republicans in DC are anything but transparent and want to shut Trump down.   Everything in Washington is hidden, especially agendas.   Most non-transparent…….Obama.

Trump very transparent……..and Washington can’t handle it!  Washington and especially the libs, want Trump gone, only way to keep him from exposing them!



Democratic Party + Republican Party, throw in the Independents and Socialists, what does that equal in Washington:  A party, a good time by all at tax payer’s expense.   All the bickering, finger pointing, name calling and threats are part of the game, its ALL fake.   They all have a role to play, these play actors we elected.

Liars before Congress, slide by unpunished.   You and I, we’d be locked up, or at least our lives made miserable.   Lets impeach this guy, lets force this one to resign, but we’ll give him a nice send off, a buy out, with once again……..tax payer’s money.  What are they going to do, those suckers that elected us?   NOTHING!

I am convinced some government officials, know they are going to be hit on………their purpose?  To be scapegoats!   You may want to rephrase that to escapegoats.  We, the establishment in D. C. will take good care of those that take the axe for us.   They’ll force some of their own out, with a wink of the eye; and your checks in the mail.

Here is what we really have:  A fake media, investigating and reporting on a fake government.

Will this country be able to rebuild (grow) from its own ashes?