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Correct”ists” :   I haven’t really seen that form of the word used but maybe once.   However, it seems to fit.   The Democrats showed their political correctness last evening, booing Trumps VOICE agency or Victims of “illegal” Immigration Crime Engagement.   Boo said the Democrats as they sat on their pathetic hands last evening during Trump’s first address of the State of the Union to the jointless Congress.

The Democrats true to form are finding a twist…….lets not offend illegal immigrants by labeling them as criminals, that we should not create a list of victims of crime perpetrated by illegals; okay just call them criminals then (whats wrong with identifying where they are coming from).  We are talking about people that break the law to enter this country, is it so wrong to identify those that continue criminal behavior.   Domestic and foreign sex offenders must register as “sex offenders”.   All victims of crime should be assisted, no matter where they are from, I would agree to that.   But……..a secure border helps do what it is intended ……secures!


Our voices are being heard, sometimes we have to shout to see the evidence of that; but stay patient you are a force.

I believe our tweets and blogs may be the greatest factor of raising awareness.  We can not count on the national or even world media to accurately inform us.  I am also not so naive to believe everything from a tweet or blog.   But usually where there is a lot of smoke, there is a fire.  Keep digging to find the truth.

We are beginning to see a bit more news coverage from the major networks on the Southern border immigration issue here in the U.S.   I believe action from our government and president is in part due to the public outcry.  A lot of that comes from right here on what we write and share with our followers.   They also know we vote!

This morning our local St. Louis news gave immigration a stunning 2 minutes, with video.   Not a big deal you say?  That’s up by about  one-and-a-half minutes.  Will be interesting to see what the national TV will release.  Hopefully I haven’t missed already.

My point is we can make a difference.   I know the stance on illegal immigration is mixed even split, but if we remain active our government will, sooner or later respond.   It may not go the way you or I want it in the end, but stay vocal…..this is our country.   We are the voice of awareness.