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arlin report thought(s) of the day: most deathly virus? government

Our government is a greater threat against our nation than ANY virus! They have been making us sick for generations. THEY are what is killing us with corruption and lies, and it is spreading!

The real deathly virus? The government……… We the people are the only cure! Government must divide what they fear, the American people. A united people is their only fear! Lawmakers do not fear one another……..only US.

the decline of penicillin…..probably not for the reasons they say; arlin report thought(s) of the day

How to Avoid Serious Reactions to a Penicillin Injection

Oh no, I was usually standing up, except when I was really young…….like 4 or 5, then our family doctor placed me over his lap (he was also a close friend of our family, nothing weird going on so stop thinking that way, it was how it was done back then).

I was in college and the middle of the summer at the start of my senor year, I got really sick. They thought I had mononucleosis. This stunningly beautiful nurse told my roommate and I to drop our pants (he was getting a shot just in case, mono was very contagious). They had us in separate rooms across from one another, with both doors open (I guess so we could talk while they were prepping; the hallway was narrow, we were only about 8 feet away from one another). Anyway, when two young college men are told by a young gorgeous nurse to drop em’, we did! Simultaneously! She laughed, then stuck us. She threw them like darts! I know this because the same family doctor I mentioned above did it the same way. I bet they were both good dart players. It was pleasant pain, I wanted to go back for a booster (didn’t happen). Not sure exactly why they gave us penicillin if they thought I might have mono (this was in 1974 mind you), mono is a virus, penicillin was most effective against bacteria.

Back in the day they used penicillin for everything, even if it was just to fight a fever, right guys? (I was later diagnosed by a dentist of having Trench Mouth (alias Vincent’s angina) goes by many other names including acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG), acute membranous gingivitis, fusospirochetal gingivitis,). They think I got this from swimming in a poorly filtered public swimming pool (in Joplin, MO …….I was 21 years old at the time). Could only eat ice cream and soup………the fever came first, then about 5-6 days later sores in the mouth, gums and tongue. I lost 25 pounds in less than 2 weeks. Today, they would have quarantined me, back then I played in a golf tournament with the Trench Mouth in 100 degree temps (not my temp the weather). My roomie caddied for me. Our dorm mother didn’t recognize me when got back (in two days I must have lost 15 – 20 lbs from the heat and eating only soup.) End of story. By the way, it didn’t take long to gain it all back.

Over prescription of antibiotics means drugs including penicillin are becoming obsolete. Antibiotics such as penicillin have been key to the decline of infectious diseases over the last 60 years, but bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to existing drugs. Oct 1, 2009

Another contributing factor to the decline of penicillin prescriptions: Penicillin was relatively inexpensive. Pharmaceutical companies want to sell their “new and improved” drugs to the clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices. I’d get a shot of penicillin for what they would call bacterial illness very similar to the flu (last one I recall getting was about 20 years ago). When I was a kid growing up, penicillin was great fighting a child’s illness. I’d go in, the doctor would give me a shot, 2 days later go back for a booster shot of the wonder drug………penicillin (you got a booster because penicillin only stayed in the system for about a day. I guess penicillin worked too good, pharmacies would rather sell you more expensive prescribed drugs, various cough medicines……..etc. With penicillin, you got well pretty quick. Keep em sick doc became the new cry!

Penicillin fought bacteria……….not virus…or so we have been told.

Another reason for the decline of penicillin use, some people were allergic to it. This is kind of bogus……..it is true some were/are allergic to it. However, some people are allergic to every other medication out there. People will always react differently to any of the meds. Prescribe what works! That should always be on the table!

Please don’t eat moldy bread, its not the same type of mold found in penicillin. See you learned all this without Dr. Fauci or Birx!