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Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” if Trump Wins Re-Election — Christian Patriots

But rioting would continue under Biden. Biden will be the anarchist’s puppet.


Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” if Trump Wins Re-Election — Christian Patriots

when have we seen enough?????

Only WE can take our streets back. This could have been your son, your brother, your friend. This could have also been George Floyd’s brother, son or friend. These people have no legit protesting credibility. They are lawless thugs. Why do WE, the good people of this country continue to allow ourselves to be intimidated and threatened by these lawless animals? This country would not have been founded if our founding fathers had stood by and done nothing and allowed others to rule us. Why are we remaining a silent majority while our own people, a radically manipulated mass of leftist socialist haters of America try destroying us? Why are we doing nothing while everything we built as a nation is turning to ashes? Do we not recognize acts of war when it is in our own streets? Are we going to wait until it hits home? This is our home and we share it!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: it’s in our genes (human nature to kill)

“Because it is so pervasive, violence is often seen
as an inevitable part of the human condition – a fact
of life to respond to, rather than to prevent.” (a quote from of all places….the World Health Organization). This is one statement we can probably actually believe to be true.


There are many reasons why a human being kills another human being. Cops unfortunately are included in the percentage of our population that kills. There always has been and always will be a percentage of or a portion of (however you want to scale it) the population that is violent in nature and killing another is often the result of their rage. Humans are the one species that kills its own more so than any other living species. Violence is part of the human condition (human nature).

Violence (injury and killing others) while not acceptable is inevitable. It is an issue of law and order more so than a health/medical issue; though mental illness plays a part in the violent nature of many.

So, while we must have the discussion, and it is one we have over and over again, it isn’t going to change anything or much anyway. No matter what new policy is implemented (experiment) there is always going to be a dirty cop somewhere. Can things improve? We like to think so, and we have the talk to show that we are doing something. But it isn’t possible to solve a problem even when we put in place a resolution when it (the problem) is unsolvable. Doing something makes us feel better, sometimes! Right? The politicians will say all the right things and some the wrong things. It’s like a broken record player that keeps spinning the same lyrics over and over. Clergy will tell us what they always tell us. Civil Rights leaders will do the same. We know what’s coming……… but has anything really improved.

Racism is just one reason (and it is never acceptable) for someone killing another. We expect better from our police officers, but they are part of the human population; a percentage will do the wrong things and killing will continue. Law and order……….justice must prevail. The dirty cop, like anyone else must be arrested swiftly, charged and prosecuted.

This is a topic we can pick certain aspects of and have a conversation everyday. Nothing we haven’t said before, like how education (lack of), fatherless homes, on and on we go play a part . You’ve heard this before. What has changed? Very little. The problem is as old as the prehistoric man.

The question is can you change the violent part of human nature? I don’t think so. We can only hope to minimize it.


The left wants to blame guns.   Guns are the common denominator?  Nope!  There are many ways of killing: bombings, knives, physical beatings, arson.   Nobody is talking about banning gasoline.  The most dangerous weapon?   Humans!

Turning the subject a bit here now.   Violence is/has been acceptable in our world for many years.  You don’t think so?  Turn the TV on, it isn’t just on the local and national news.  Weekly TV series have constant violence….murders and rape.   Made for TV movies and those in the theatre……….violence.   Video games……….shooting with automatic weapons, tossing bombs etc.   Violence is a major part of our entertainment world.

Nobody is talking about banning or even toning down violence on the screen.   Fact is we see it everyday, whether it is real life on the news, in the neighborhood we live or on the “screen”.   A mother in Missouri just drown her two young kids in the bathtub, then burned the house, killing herself.   Where is the outrage here?  Violence is implanted in our heads!  Violence is glorified everyday……..HOLLYWOOD.

Until we change morality nothing will change, it makes no difference what you take away.


Al Sharpton has no business in Ferguson.   Sharpton is shooting his mouth off about events and situations he has little knowledge.  He is making matters worse with his racist attitude.

Sharpton is pointing out that the city of Ferguson has no blacks on its city council and only three police officers.   What Sharpton dismisses is Ferguson has a 70% black population.   Ferguson residents, black and white control who is on their council.   Nothing keeping blacks from filing for and being elected.   There is no excuse. This is just one example of Al Sharpton’s misrepresentation of facts.

After Sharpton spoke last evening, what happened?  More protest, more violence…….a lady was shot in the forehead, she thankfully is okay.  A police officer shot a man that pulled a hand gun on him and is in critical condition.   Great job Al……stirring up an already emotional community.   Now that the camera has hit your face……go back to NY.