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Hoax conspirators work on……continue they’re madness

Don’t you wish these legislative morons could be as committed and persistent in real issues, important matters that really matter, rather than pushing a fake story Hillary funded and DNC supported.   We know the dossier Hillary bought and paid for is no good, FAKE.   We also know that if anyone had a working relationship with Russia it would be a Clinton (especially Hillary).   Uranium One!  Remember that or have you forgotten?

Schiff and Nadler continue their pursuit of Donald Trump. It is clearly a conspiracy to remove a legally elected president from office, simply because, ‘Well he is my (our) president, we didn’t vote for him.  We can’t have that!’    Schiffty wants that entire Mueller Report, because there must be something Barr isn’t telling us.  They are adamant to find something illegal, anything.   If Trump dropped a candy wrapper on the sidewalk they’d have him arrested, start the impeachment proceedings!

During all this, what is amazing and profound is they ignore all they have done illegal.   Hillary and the DNC team…….the fake dossier, as a set up, a FRAME.   Lets not even get into all those emails (the security risks etc.).   But, Hillary still has been hands off.   There is a clear explanation for this.   The Democrats are in the conspiracy together, top to bottom.   They do a far better job of protecting and covering up for one another than the Republicans do.   The United States government is as dirty and corrupt as any government in the world, worse than most.   Is it beyond the possibility of being cleaned up?   That is a question for another day, with a very lengthy and complicated answer.


What are they really hiding?

All this corruption, never so wide-spread as it is today in history; modern history anyway.   Some old timers, older than me (and I am 65, been around, seen a lot), may say “Nah its always been this way”.   That is difficult to believe, and there certainly has been corruption throughout our nations history, but it never became so public as it is now.   Of course each side will say much of it is false, lies, just rumors.

Where there is smoke there is fire and there is more smoke than ever, its thick.  Much of it comes from the most corrupt family in the history of American politics.   The Clinton Cartel!   The fact they have gotten away with all their crimes, treasonous acts etc. etc., doesn’t mean “it never happened”.    However, it is a circle in which the Clintons’ often are found in the center.  Corruption infects both parties, it is the Elite Establishment of Washington D.C.    There is a bigger story out there that has not been uncovered……..yet.   All this corruption being exposed may be leading us there.   While all the email scandals, voting fraud, DNC primary election rigging, Uranium 1 Deal, Benghazi, Obama dumping cash to Iran, Russian hacking, Clinton sex trafficking, sex scandals………go on and on, what is it really distracting us from?   There is something, something We the People will find more appalling, more criminal, treasonous than what we currently suspect or are aware of.  It seems part of an agenda.   Whos?  Soros?  The UN?



What Difference Would It Have Made URL of the original posting site: http://comicallyincorrect.com/2017/11/01/what-difference-would-it-have-made/#mtJBrhDiVB245xXF.99 How would have Hillary and Obama conducted themselves as leaders in other historical situations? Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017. More A.F. Branco cartoons at Constitution.com here. A.F.Branco Coffee Table Book

via Today’s Poliotically INCORRECT Cartoon by A.F. Branco — What Did You Say?

It isn’t really surprising that Hillary would give up a % or our resources/assets where she stands to make 145 Million for “the Deal”.   Treason, money-laundering and racketeering isn’t a matter of concern to Hillary; her defense would be “What difference does it make”.   What is surprising is, that it was only 20%.   Most likely 20% would be a good number that she felt comfortable and arrogant enough to get away with it! (comment from The Arlin Report).


If Hillary had been elected president; she’d probably have sold some uranium (that does not belong to HER) to the North Korean nut ball; to assist Bill’s nuclear assistance program with NK.   To move it along and for Clinton personal profit.


Senator Sessions, even if tied to a campaign, any campaign, his duties and responsibilities as a Senator do not end; he was on the Armed Forces Committee.   How many Democrat AND Republican officials (elected) during the presidential campaign openly supported one candidate over another?   How many Democrats spoke in favor of Hillary Clinton?   In both Houses the answer would be many!   That is in fact the same as being involved in their campaign.   Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi……..Al Franken, John McCain; all engaged in the campaign ………..who have they been talking with?   Are they really going to open that door……?   Why hasn’t selling Uranium to the RUSSIANS fired-up the Democrats ……. because Hillary, their darling Hillary was involved?   Not to mention where the DOUGH went….Bill & Hill.

I, to be honest, can see Senator Sessions speaking with (meeting with) the Russian Ambassador…….attempting a better relationship.  I can also picture Obama telling Putin, “I’ll have more flexibility if re-elected (during a 2nd term); we have more Uranium?”  I know only part of that is (probably) true….or maybe?

The Democrat’s slogan these days seems to be on the line of something like:  “Ethics, morals and following the Constitution only apply to Republicans, we Dems only hold them accountable, we are above them, we are above ALL!