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‘One-world government’ just nutty talk until UN demands it — By the Blood of the Lamb


‘One-world government’ just nutty talk until UN demands it — By the Blood of the Lamb

With the COVID-19 pandemic, its kept most from attending church. Under a UN One World Government their agenda includes only a single (one) religion. Are we falling into the One World Government trap via COVID-19, beginning by removing us from our churches? I’d say resist……….get back to church now! Trust in God!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: i said this years ago……..we are inching closer

These UN hats are not just an international police force, they are an international military. I said years ago, the threat of potential international troops present in our streets was real.

The left (Democratic Socialists) and the Deep State, favoring defunding the police, are advocates of a New World (one world) Order. Our borders will not out line a nation as we currently are but transform us into a region under the New World Order.

It will start in the cities where the riots are, and liberals govern. When it spreads to suburbs and rural areas the game will change. They’ll have to bring tanks with them, which there are stock piles of UN marked tanks already here (have been in storage for years). The American resistance will begin……….We will have had enough! The silent majority will be heard and seen once and for all.

Covid-19, The World Government, and The New World Order — NoFakeNews.net

Interesting perspective: I will say, the UN does not like rural America. Rural people with rifles and shotguns generally shoot with good/effective accuracy. They’d like for us to move to the city life, where we can be watched and controlled……….or so they believe. (Arlin Report comment)

By Dr. John Reizer The Covid-19 world pandemic is being used by the powers that be as a means of reaching an end goal — a New World Order. It’s all part of the United Nations’ master plan of sustainable development, which translated into simpler terms, equates to planetary slavery for the masses that is […]

Covid-19, The World Government, and The New World Order — NoFakeNews.net


Press Conference by UN Peacekeeping Chief, Juba

Herve Ladsous, Under-Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations; an obvious total failure.  Wheres peace working?

Each year the United States gives approximately $8 billion in mandatory payments and voluntary contributions to the United Nations and its affiliated organizations. The biggest portion of this money – about $3 billion this year – goes to the U.N.’s regular and peacekeeping budgets.  (this info from link below).


As Britain leaves the European Union so should the United States leave the UN.   Of course, that won’t happen, not under Obama, nor would it under (choke) Hillary Clinton.

We fund the UN more than nearly 185 other nations combined.   The UN shares the same agenda as the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, of a New World Order or better put One World (global) Government; a no borders world……a biggie for Obama.

Leave the UN membership and boot them out of the U.S.; remove them from the NY headquarters.   Oh, and yes, the UN wants to disarm Americans, heavy on gun control, total gun control.   We become slaves if this were to ever happen.   Obama working hard before he leaves office for more gun control.  He says he doesn’t want to take guns away from law abiding citizens………when was the last time Obama told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?   He is now working hard for Hillary for POTUS, she is an extension of Obama.

I believe the funds we give away, often waste to the U.N. would be better utilized by distributing ourself, for humanitarian reasons and strengthening our U.S. military.   These are our tax dollars, they should be used to support us not against us.

The best defense is our own self-defense; we don’t need UN troops on our soil; as they have been; they have not been here to defend but to practice taking.  The UN military vehicles stockpiled, we’ll just keep where they are, we more than paid for them (remove the UN emblem).  That is another story…….been there before.


Cruzin’ To Global Governance ie. World Government — Socio-Economics History Blog

Published on Apr 14, 2016 Arthur Thompson of the John Birch Society who reveals more about Heidi and Ted Cruz’s ties to both the CFR and the North American Union designed to end U.S. sovereignty and America as we know it. end

via Cruzin’ To Global Governance ie. World Government — Socio-Economics History Blog

Were Ted and Heidi attracted to one another because they share the same global governance dream?



How does that sound to you America?  How do you think you will like being governed….make that RULED under the United Nations; most of which is and will be foreign rule?   Its happening, and under Obama’s administration at an accelerated pace.  It will be here sooner than you think.  The United Nations, a One World Government…….. is the New World Order.

We will no longer be United States but a region.  We will not be able to distinguish one region from the next, except for geographic location.   You think I’m crazy, paranoid……go back to sleep while another wave of immigrants from Syria enters what is still the U.S. at the direction of the United Nations as we doze.   South and Central Americans, Syrians……who will the U.N. hand-pick next.

Why is the United Nations being allowed to select immigrants to enter our country?  Why are We the People allowing this?   It should be of no surprise that Obama is good with this…….it speeds up his “Destroy America Policy”.

The United Nations has no business making U.S. policy or making decisions on our behalf.  This is the United States of America, it is not America of the United Nations………not yet anyway.

This is what happens when a nation sleeps.   Much is taken away……especially our freedom.  We’re losing freedom of speech. We’re losing the right to vote, to choose leaders to represent us and follow our direction.  A good example, a Republican avalanche in November, but have they followed our lead?   Look at John Boehner, he has totally ignored the November message from the voters.  Our votes are meaning less and less.  We are becoming like everyone else.

It can not possibly be any more obvious what Obama is doing to this country.   The United Nations is a tool…….it’s a weak tool, that we are giving strength by ignoring, letting them go unnoticed while we snore.





islam1-620x413the world pic

Obama Authorizes First Wave Of 9,000 UN-Approved Muslim Immigrants For US Resettlement


The greatest reason for immigration or turning massive groups of people into refugees from any nation is war, terrorism and violent chaos, etc.

Leaving one country for another as a refugee is only a temporary fix. They may only survive to fight another day.   It does not solve the problems of the nation abandoned.   Eventually, what caused them to leave the homeland follows them, catches-up and ultimately spreads to the nation that rescued them.

Muslims are threatening the U.S. that they will kill us in our own streets and neighborhoods; yet Obama will accept UN “approved” Muslim immigrants for U.S. resettlement.   Yeah, that makes a hell of a lot of sense.   The UN will screen each immigrant right?   Right!   Why don’t we just put a cannon next to our head and have Obama light the fuse.   It is the Muslim goal to destroy all non-Muslims; they said it, repeatedly.

This is only the first wave!!

The U.N. infiltrating our lives once again……We have no business with the United Nations.   Guess what America, we have and are capable of surviving without the interference or assistance of the U.N.  They have become, and may have always been, a tool of the Illuminati for the New World Order (one world government).

The spread of Muslim immigration escalates the movement towards the U.S. turning into a 3rd world nation.   American cities, will resemble cities in war-torn Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan to name a few.

If this escalation of the Obama immigration plan continues, it will get ugly.   Eventually when sleeping Americans wake up because they see all they have worked for handed over by a government that economically and socially continues raping us, it will get ugly, real ugly.   That is what Obama wants, a nation at war within…….you think there are racial and ethnic problems now?   Obama knows this!

I know of an organization called Doctors Without Borders, we are becoming a Nation Without Borders.   If we do not wake up there will be no United States of America as we knew it.   The States will become divided, we will no longer be united.   We are becoming an extension of the Middle East and South and Central America. That is what uncontrollable immigration will create; especially with all it brings with it.  The World of Obama!  The United States is nothing more than a dumping ground to Obama.