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isis or adam schiff……..greatest threat? And little joe biden

I am not nearly as concerned about Syria and the escape of ISIS terrorists as I am Adam Schiff holding committee hearings secretively in a basement on The Hill. Schiff is hiding his corrupt tactics of running a hearing from view of the American public. Welcome to Socialism America!

Adam Schiff and the House Democrats are a greater threat to our democracy than Russia, Turkey, Iran or ISIS for that matter. By the way did you catch Joe Biden’s comment that ISIS would be attacking us here in the U.S. because Trump pulled out our troops from Syria? Biden and his Democratic look-a-likes are more interested in the Syrian border than our U.S. border. Joe, don’t leave our border open and make it easy on ISIS if you are now so concerned. Don’t preach to us about security when you are willing to leave our borders exposed. You are more concerned (or pretend to be) for the Kurds than for Americans here at home. By the way Joe, you and Obama are responsible for the rise of ISIS in the first place.

Joe Biden and his son Hunter have sold us out before. Joe would do it again for the love of money.


Image result for photos building the border wall between U.S. and Mexico


Trump could be a genius; in a very silent (not so silent) kind of way.  He doesn’t give you all the details of who, what, when ……..but very vocal about where; like on the border.  Suddenly though, things begin to happen (THINGS BEGIN TO HAPPEN).   When was the last time we had a president that “made things happen”.   Okay, I know what you’re thinking, they aren’t always positive, or don’t seem to be to start.  Will it can be difficult to tell when you have a media that wants “everything Trump to be negative or unsuccessful”.   That’s a different story, an obvious one for another moment, just not now, sort of!

About that Trump Wall on the Mexican/U.S. border:   Taking a line from the famous Field of Dreams quote:  “Build it, they will come!”   Yes, they will come, they will most definitely come to paraphrase.    Immigrants, most of which will be illegals, will find their way to the wall out of curiosity and the greater challenge, getting over, under or through.  Oh yes, the wall will most definitely attract people, from both sides.    SO!

Lets take advantage of it, build it into a positive, an asset if you will!    Aside from keeping ILLEGALS out, for the most part, here are some ideas!

Tourists attraction:  No, it isn’t the Great Wall of China, but …………  people will come, they’ll keep coming if there is something to see, more than just a WALL.   More will come, once word is out; if advertised its more than just a wall.   There are generations, centuries of history along the Mexican/U.S. Border.   Why not use the wall to tell the stories, history lessons etched on the wall, possibly museums at historic sites, and the names of those who made that history.  Its educational!  Towers (glassed-in and guarded of course) of scenic views!   It all creates:

Business opportunities:  Concessions, even restaurants, people get hungry and thirsty.   I know most of the money is on the U.S. side, most of the opportunities.  JOBS!  Its perfect!   They built Vegas in a desert.  It’s all possible.     Souvenir shops!   Hotels, motels, Trump Hotels/resorts?  You don’t think he hasn’t thought of this!  He is a businessman!

I don’t like ugly graffiti, but the wall would be a HUUUGGGEE canvas for artist!  It would bigly!

What we take advantage of on the U.S. side, Mexico could take advantage of on the southern side.    South & Central Americans thinking they are immigrating, will stop at the wall, still looking for passage to the U.S.  Maybe they find something at the wall, an opportunity.   What is said, written (etched in stone) on one side can be said, written (etched in stone) on the other.   EACH WITH THEIR OWN PERSPECTIVE, THEIR OWN VIEW OF HISTORY, THE STORY AND HOW IT WAS TOLD.

This doesn’t have to be fantasy, it can happen.   We need to turn necessities into assets, solutions!  Co-existing, peaceful solutions.   We just need to stop looking at everything in a negative way!

We have creative people on both sides to make it happen!   Bigly!  Make America and Mexico great again!    I can just hear the liberal snowflakes now!!  🙂