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Play it again!!!!!Trump 03

Those song writers/celebs that cry “Stop playing my song!” take advantage of Trump’s top spot position, because he gets the most attention.  What these celebs are really after is drawing attention to themselves, after all, put your name next to Trump and its headlines.

You place your music on the open market in whatever form, it is purchased and then you scream don’t play my music, I don’t support you?  So, every bride and groom is to get permission from the artists to play their music at the wedding reception?   The DJ or band can’t play that music……….    How ridiculous are these liberal ass entertainers that seek attention to salvage their own plunging careers?


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The social police or mainstream media, also instigators of controversy they Trump-up, now have the pot stirred enough they have everyone demanding Trump apologize for something someone else said, because he did not correct the statement.

First of all, maybe Trump actually  believes this man has the right to believe what he wants.   This isn’t the first time Obama has been called a Muslim and stated he was born outside the United States.

Obama is a Christian and was born in Hawaii………………  I didn’t say that.   I would never say that.   First of all he certainly doesn’t act like a Christian, he does act  more  like a Muslin.   He has even said “He would side with the Muslims………”    Hawaii birth location is very questionable.    A Manchurian candidate……..President.   Obama, is a fake!   He is a plant, and those behind it can make him look like anything they want.   That is how he got elected.     Now,  he doesn’t care what you think or know about him……..   Do you hear him defending himself that he is a Christian?

Hillary Clinton jumped on the “Trump didn’t correct the statement bandwagon”.   Of all freaking people, the queen of correctness she is not.   Any criticism of others coming out of her mouth is a JOKE.  Actually its much worse than that, but I would like to keep this post clean.

It is amazing that the mainstream media, the left and the Republicans that want to destroy Trump are holding him to a higher standard that any of them will ever live by, but pretend that they do.

Mr. Trump, you do not owe me an apology for something someone else has said and you never will; and Hillary  Clinton you have no right speaking for the American people.




It is amazing how so many liberals just believe it is acceptable for illegal aliens to break the law, and that those breaking the law deserve our assistance.  That’s hard to explain to people that are natural born citizens that need assistance and don’t receive it so freely.

Trump is not accepting the Obama immigration amnesty plan.   Has a plan of his own……. who else has been bold enough to attempt another alternative?


Lets forget about party affiliation for now.   Why wait until the nominees are chosen from each party to have a debate?   Mix it up!  Allow the American public to see how they interact now!

I’d take the top 2 Republicans:   Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.  Invite the top 2 Democrats:  Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, if she isn’t in jail by then.   The fifth debater would be a WildCard…….Carly Fiorina; it’s an invitational, we choose who we want.

The participants must commit ahead of time, otherwise someone or some, may not show up.   Hillary could try to wiggle out.   We know she doesn’t like to speak on stage unless she is being paid.   If the invitees don’t commit, we invite another candidate, but announce the cowards that wouldn’t accept the invitation.

We could choose moderators that are not from the mainstream media.   If it’s my invitational, I’d have no problem asking questions.  I’d ask questions without putting my two cents in like the recent debate.   Our participants would answer the same questions, not one chosen specifically for them.  We could go around the room and humiliate all of them with a specific question directed at them if that is what we wanted to do.   That isn’t the purpose here.   If that is our intent, then just interview the candidate you want to smear.   I’d have a segment, where the candidates could ask each other a question, with a time limit, there would still be time limits, but all would have ample time to answer.  Naturally!

Lets not wait to find out who the nominee is from each party to have a Democrat vs. Republican debate.   Don’t you want to see a Trump taking on Clinton verbal battle?    You may never see it otherwise!   I want to see it…….I’d also like to see Carly share the same stage with Hillary and Trump for that matter.   Cat fight!!

One problem with our pre-election process is the organized Party System of politics has too much control.   Lets have a free-for-all.  Let the strong survive.





The Mainstream Media will spin the results of the Republican debate, who did well, who did poorly.   They clearly have their favorites and like to influence how the public perceives the candidates; often very unfairly and inaccurate.   They will twist what the answers ask, …………..

The American public is the best judge, and what you think is all that matters.