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Not so much a thought, but a comment……that really didn’t take much thought.

A word to the Donald!

You may have a ton of wealth……but, you are NEVER too good to mingle with the middle and the bottom.  Those who have hit the bottom, and those in the middle are looking for leadership, real hope, not Obama hope or Hillary lies.  Leadership is not talk, it doesn’t come from insulting your opponent.  You of all people should know that.

Knock on some real people doors!  You don’t have to knock on every door, just show them you’re willing.   We the People are looking for some Will from a real leader.

Sometimes a little silence, so you can hear……You haven’t been listening.



Wouldn’t it be nice if the mainstream media, just reported what was happening in the world, accurately.   Politics, I get it, there are various roads to go down, different philosophies, etc.    Political scientists and commentators give us their take.   That is okay, however, it should not be the medias’ purpose to sway public opinion, to sway a vote or an election, or create the news.   We the people, most of us anyway, don’t need things explained to us, just reported.   Believe it or not we can make up our own minds as well as the media.

Prior to Monday nights caucus, Iowa was very insignificant, kind of a practice run if you will, until someone other than Trump won, and another did better than predicted……..suddenly the media makes Iowa very significant and Trump is finally finished.   That is what the media hopes for, a Trump exit from the campaign.   To hear the media, finishing 2nd is worse than finishing 3rd, if your name is Trump.   If your name is Rubio………..finishing 3rd is better than 2nd.    Okay, if this is not leftist liberal stupidity I don’t know what is.   In American schools, its okay to say 1 + 1 = 3, as long as you try.

Some of these Fox and CNN political commentators and analysts look like they just got out of high school, (and for the most part young girls wearing as little clothing as they can get away with, some really do sound like bimbos- Trump has that right) giving their whys and why nots, when they have no clue.  Really?   All their world experience made them experts.   You can certainly tell the liberal professors in the colleges and universities got to them with their BS.

You want to see the product of the dumbing down process in America, watch the NEWS.


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Dear Mr. Trump, did you learn anything…….we’ll see going forward.   It’s Iowa, not DC, they like Ted there; stop saying nobody likes Ted.

Dear Mr. Cruz, remember, Iowa seldom picks a winner….they liked Santorum too.

Dear Mr. Rubio, horseshoes, hand grenades and close but no cigar.

Dear Mrs. Clinton (traitor), evidently when Iowa has a socialist or a traitor to choose from, half will take the traitor and half will take the socialist.

Dear Mr. Sanders, what does that tell you when half of Iowa will take a traitor over a socialist?   No good choices on the Democratic side.   Dems will be looking for an emergency back-up.

Dear Mr. O’Malley, you really were Mr. insignificant.  It must really hurt this morning that Iowa chose a traitor and a socialist over the all-American boy next door.   Even Rubio went up……..

Mr. Paul, Mr. Christie, Mr. Bush, Mr. Kasich, Mr. Carson, Mrs. Fiorina……go home!



I’m not going to do percentages, just the order of finish.


Trump 1st, and I take Rubio in an upset for 2nd, Cruz 3rd.    All other candidates are insignificant in Iowa.  They become more significant once they drop out.


Sanders in a narrow upset of Hillary to take the top spot, and Mr. Insignificant 3rd.

Cruz needs snow, lots of snow to keep voters away, but hopefully his bus doesn’t get stuck again.   Stuck in the mud was a sign!  🙂 A bad sign.

There you have it, the first Arlin Report Campaign 2016 caucus/primary predictions.   Of course my predictions are insignificant.



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Trump over Cruz!

Today, during a Fox News phone interview with former Senator Bob Dole, Dole said “Ted Cruz is a Republican in name only”.   Dole’s favorite candidate is Jeb Bush.   However, he would support Donald Trump over Ted Cruz.

Fox News is staying in line with their brand of reporting, leading with questions, criticizing during an interview and sarcastic remarks…….”Senator, you mean you would support someone like Donald Trump?” to paraphrase.   Fox is trying to sway the direction of the elections, rather than reporting.


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GOTCHA!  A gotcha question?  No, but possibly made you Trump lovers and haters look!

We’ve seen/listened to seven Republican debates……..I,  6 and 1/10th.   I am not sure how many Democratic debates there have even been.  I can’t stomach Hillary Clinton, nor do I really care to listen to a socialist.   It is what it is!   For the sake of a number for this post/article (I’d really like to call it an article) lets go with three.

There isn’t a single candidate from either party that is as great as they paint themselves.  With the exception of:     LOL 🙂  Just having fun.

There isn’t a single candidate from either side that is as bad as the others say they are.

With the exception of:   Not so funny.    She isn’t jail bait, she is the catch.

I’m going to take a bit of a turn here now.  Lets push Hillary to the side for a while.  (Oh wait a minute, just heard Hillary had made a statement once regarding the classified emails:  from the Hill “They weren’t classified when they were sent to me.”  Excuse me, I am on the floor.   So, just when do they become classified………after?  Is she counting on never?).

Back to the subject:  Many people, those that dislike/hate (I know I use a lot of /) Trump, criticize him for crazy, out of control, rude, narcissistic and sometimes abusive behavior.   The difference between Trump and elected officials such as Congress, Trump is open about it, he doesn’t sugar coat, says what is on his mind, yes gets rude. Congress….. its all behind closed doors.   They hide, go in the closet, make their deals, scream and kick like children until they get their way.  You give me this, I’ll vote for and give you that.   Bad deals, everyday.   Trump knows this!   I know this and I know I am sounding like an endorsement now……it really isn’t.    There have been presidents elected that had the same or at least somewhat the same mentality as Trump.

One thing you get from Trump,  ‘You get what you see’.   Can you say that about Obama?




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Last night was certainly exciting wasn’t it? 😉

We had the Trumpless Republican debate.   I guess they had a debate, I didn’t watch it.  That’s not entirely true I saw a couple closing remarks as I was scanning the channels.  I did see Megyn Kelly later over-hyping it, as she did the night before, “Oh its going to be so exciting, let the fireworks begin.”

Then we had Trumps event down the street, I did watch that, a full house at Drake U.  Trump wasn’t nasty to anyone, brought a couple of campaign competitors on stage he had invited, some veterans…….. Nothing explosive happened!   I don’t think the event helped him for the caucus that much, but it didn’t hurt.

If I were Trump, here is how I would spend my weekend in Iowa.   Stay out of the gymnasiums, the banquet halls, etc…, replace those with the STREETS.   He should hit the neighborhoods, walk the streets, knock on a few doors where there are real people.  It’ll help him in New Hampshire, they just have to see what he is doing.   People, real Americans, not corporate America or political leaches but real Americans.  Kiss a baby or two.   Hillary won’t do it, and Donald it is Hillary you must beat, unless of course we get that indictment we are praying.

In the midst of all the excitement, let us not forget Hillary is under investigation, an indictment is lurking.