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arlin report thought of the day: Yahoo news bias……deceptive fact checkers

Following the VP debate last evening, Yahoo News did a fact check on the candidate’s claims. Ummmm! Fact is they only checked Pence. They left Kamala Harris alone………gave her a free night on her lies and deception. Clearly another example of media bias against the Trump Administration; but not surprising.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: cuomo blaming trump for nursing home deaths

“This isn’t our first rodeo,” Cuomo said at a March 2 press conference. “We are fully coordinated, and we are fully mobilized, and we are fully prepared to deal with the situation as it develops.”

Watch Cuomo slam Trump for 16 minutes: 'How many times do you want ...

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has always been quick to blame Trump for not having enough ventilators, masks, and other medical equipment. Another words the governor always blamed Trump and his administration for not having enough of the resources to fight the Chinese Coronavirus, titled COVID-19. Cuomo from the beginning made it clear to the rest of the world that he was in control of his state’s management of the virus, and would direct his state according to how he saw fit, as only he knew what was best for his people.

This is like the prison inmate in the movie The Longest Yard holding up the sign from the stands at the football game that reads: “I didn’t do it”.

Now that the nursing home death numbers are escalating it must be so because of Trump! Now that those deaths are becoming more questionable and investigations may be pending (due to the directives or we should say policy of accepting those infected), and the numbers are alarming……….. Trump was in command.

Cuomo takes credit for those patients of the virus that have gotten well, but tosses the blame towards Trump and his administration for the deaths. Cuomo said he didn’t want to make this political……….but that is exactly what he is doing. That is what politicians do. They always toss the blame to the other side when things go wrong. They always want the credit when things go well.

Trump Administration Opposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Digital Tracking System — The Truth

Gates just looks like your typical crazy MAD SCIENTIST! (Arlin Report comment)

Originally posted on Jasper and Sardine: The Trump administration has come out against a proposed digital tracking system that could tell authorities about an individual’s vaccination history. The Orwellian measure has been proposed by technocratic oligarch Bill Gates, who is attempting to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to inch closer toward mandatory vaccinations. “Eventually we will…

Trump Administration Opposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Digital Tracking System — The Truth

For anyone blaming President Trump for Corona Virus — The Daley Gator

Because this article absolutely needs to be reblogged: (Arlin Report, Arlin Luttrell)

Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas sets the record VERY straight You are being bombarded with the left’s hyperbolic and hypocritical attacks about the Trump Administration’s response to coronavirus. It’s disingenuous and counterproductive, so it’s time to debunk this false narrative with facts. WATCH 1/3 pic.twitter.com/RfoVghtvK6 — Rep. Dan Crenshaw (@RepDanCrenshaw) April 17, 2020 3/3 pic.twitter.com/oqPh7slqkj […]

For anyone blaming President Trump for Corona Virus — The Daley Gator