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Bernie Sanders is acting like Hillary Clinton’s set-up man.  He is just a body going through the motions of a presidential candidate, a practice run for Hillary, just a little taste of political bashing to warm her up.

If Sanders were serious  about being president, he’d turn these mild to moderate attacks into an all out war.   If there is anyone greater to target bombs and missiles at, it is Hillary Clinton.   Hillary has a huge target on her back and front-side, you could attack from any angle.   Bernie is going about his assault with white gloves, afraid to get them dirty.   Bernie has no killer instinct.

Has Sanders been coached to only appear to be a contender?   This is fake wrestling.  Benghazi not an issue, an untouchable subject for the Democrats?  The top secret, security threatened emails…….hardly a whimper.    Just throw a bone in once in awhile, you know like Vince Foster, Whitewater, Clinton-Arkansas drug cartel, Watergate, The history of Bill and all his girls, Travelgate.    Bernie you have plenty, more than any candidate to throw at the Dark Arkansas Princess.   Stop warming her up, Bern her!  The Republicans will.