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john 20:29

John 20:29

One of my favorite verses!

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smoking dog

Ted Cruz is twisting issues and positions of the other candidates to something other than factual and truthful.   He is attempting to leave voters with negative images against reality.   He did it to Dr. Carson in Iowa and he is attempting to smear Trump in South Carolina.   Cruz made a comment that if Trump were elected president we would lose the 2nd Amendment forever……..  because Trump would appoint a liberal Supreme Court judge.   Trump has said more than once, that Scalia and Thomas were two of his favorite SC  judges, they were/are conservatives. Trump would not appoint a judge that would favor eliminating the 2nd amendment.   Securing the 2nd Amendment is a priority to Trump and Cruz knows it.

Cruz is desperate for support and he is doing it with deceit.  I had a lot of respect for Cruz, but have lost a lot of it over the last 2 or 3 weeks.  The pressure of the campaign is bringing out the real Ted Cruz.  He like the establishment politicians he so criticizes will say anything to get elected.