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“OOPS” Update! Take a look at this, you just can’t make it up!! — Richard’s Watch

Now what is more fun during this cloud of darkness, to help people open their eyes to see, or to bust open the fake news game? My motivation is to find the truth and share it fast so others can share it too.  SO…look at this – we now know the location of the new […]

“OOPS” Update! Take a look at this, you just can’t make it up!! — Richard’s Watch


Most certainly will be an on going agenda of destruction attempts by the Democrats (SICKOCRAT DEMS).

We have already had a taste of this (persecution) under Obama – so we know what that was – no jobs and conservatives persecuted while the law went amuck. More Accurate than The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC for Two Years and Counting! Sunday, February 2, 2020 The Gateway Pundit Store THIS […]



If you listen to the Main Stream Media, you would tend to believe this is the first time there has ever been any sort of chaos from the White House.   If WH staffers, from the President on down to the Head Chef never got into an argument or shouting match, they probably don’t care enough about doing a good job or they aren’t doing their job at all.  Even the Kennedy brothers argued.   Nixon?   Calm as kitten right?   Oh, and lets not forget about the Clinton’s.   Hillary from what we have learned threw a few lamp shades, talked to portraits of dead presidents and possibly had Vince Foster shot inside the White House.   Bill Clinton?  I guess sex with an intern in the Oval Office and what he experienced underneath our desk with a cigar while moaning in personal pleasure may not seem chaotic but should not have been so acceptable as normal behavior.

Most of the activity above had little to do with government business; just on-the-side time outs; like school recess I suppose.   At least the chaotic nature of Trump’s White House and how he is handling it by removing pieces has something to do with becoming more efficient for the security and good of the nation; and getting rid of leakers.   I prefer that to personal satisfaction………..   The Clinton’s and Obama’s know a lot about personal satisfaction.

If all is quiet and peaceful in the White House, especially during prime time, absolutely nothing is being achieved, debated and yes at times argued.   At least the First Lady is not heard screaming at Donald about who he is sleeping with during the day; nor is she cursing the Secret Service Agents for saying good morning!

A little noise from the WH is good!

HILLARY: What can America do for you & in return what will you do for me?

Image result for photos of Hillary Clinton angry

There is nothing Hillary has ever done that she didn’t receive something in return!   No, she has done very little, if nothing at all for America.  Her accomplishments are pretentious or they belong to someone else; taking credit where no credit is due and never held accountable for her blunders; which there are many.

Every path Hillary has taken, has led to money and power; nothing else matters.  You don’t matter, America does not matter; hell even Bill does not matter.  Get in her way and you could end up in the trail of bodies.   It’s all about Hillary.

Hillary is a professional globetrotter.   She runs where the money is; Saudi Arabia for one.   She isn’t a deal maker; she is a trader………and a traitor.  She trades favors for money, it matters not the influence on America…..traitor.  Hillary likes to call the foreign funds coming her way “donations”.    The money trades are purchases, Hillary has been bought, by many.   They put up the dough now for the favors that would come later.   This is why so many, the Illuminati, the One World globalist will do whatever it takes to push/slide Hillary into the White House; they have too much invested……millions maybe billions.   Team Soros of which Hillary is a major player.

Lets just push aside a lifetime of scandals, corruption, murder rumors (or better, accusations with significant coincidence) and daily lies for the moment.   Hillary will implode often and away from the camera is incapable of holding it inside…..exit the explosion.   Ask the Secret Service, or anyone in the White House during the Clinton previous residency.    Hillary treats everyone like they are trash that needs to be taken out and buried in a landfill.   All you are good for is to serve her; but she’ll treat you like the deplorable you are.   Slave owners treated slaves better than Hillary treats……well, just about everyone.   She’ll smile and hug as long as you are handing her a check.

Donald Trump certainly has had his share of gaffes and less than desirable moments.   He has at times been insulting.  The media and the Left have twisted everything surrounding Trump as being racists; which is the vision they want planted in the minds of Americans.  Makes me wonder why the Democrats try to make him look like a Democrat.   No, the Donald is no saint or angel; but one thing is certain, he loves THIS country.   Hillary would enter the White House with rants and raves, screaming orders and ass chewing.   Hillary doesn’t want to be bothered.   You won’t see Girl Scouts getting their picture taken with the Hill in the Oval Office.   She won’t want to be bothered, unless of course you want that photo-op that will only cost mom or dad $2,700.00.   Hillary has a price tag on everything.  Hillary would be constantly hit with request, demands and just anyone’s time…… I can hear it:  “I’m not seeing that f_ _ king bastard.”, “Get those brats out of here.”.   No, Hillary won’t be able to handle the constant traffic and calls; especially at 2:00 in morning; without exploding…….which would be often.   No, Hillary does not have the stamina, the temperament for the Oval Office.  I wouldn’t put past a nervous breakdown. Now you can add in all the scandals, corruption, murder accusations and daily lies.

Can you imagine the atmosphere in the White House on a day where Hillary isn’t feeling well?   Wow, the roof on the White House would blow up!




AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Students are protesting across the nation.   Many don’t really know what it is they protest, just going along because it is defiant and they might make the evening news.

While I admit much of the problem is liberal professors…….the students don’t get it.   It’s that liberalism  encouraging them to act like they are making a difference, but realistically most of us who survived the 60’s know they are acting like idiots.  They know not what they do.

Here is what I would suggest…….most of what is wrong with this country and what is happening in the world today is initiated out of Washington D.C.     Your halls of Congress, your Jackass of a President.   You want to make a difference?   Organize, march on and circle the halls of congress, the White House.    You’ll get your air time.   But ……… know what the hell you are talking about.   Don’t just act like spoiled rich kids.