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how trump called out the world to rid evil……..

I know there are those that will call this BS…….., didn’t happen………

But Trump visited these nations and his blunt, pushy and maybe rude attitude in their own backyards was visible and criticized by the media. What we didn’t know he took with him and shared with all the leaders stopped them in their own tracks, made them listen and see with their own eyes. The corruption and human trafficking evidence could not be ignored. Not even the Vatican could escape the wrath of Trump! This video is lenghty, about an 1:50 minutes, but very informal. I highly recommend viewing ……………learn the truth. Only a personality like Donald Trump could do this, it is no wonder he walked ahead of the Queen and was even given the Saudi sword to hold. Only the King of Saudi Arabia holds that sword! They gave in to Trump………they had little choice!

It’s just gotten started!



“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the gospel.”  So says the Pope while in Mexico speaking against a border wall, Trump’s Wall.

See this image below………its the Vatican……its a wall.  So, what is the Pope Jewish, Islamic, what?   Further comments below.

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The Pope is from Argentina; that is in South America, where some of the illegal immigrants are from.   Is that why the Pope doesn’t want a wall?   He also favors a One World Government.  That would make the world borderless, no separation of countries.   We’d just be divided up into regions, so there would be no walls; except where the One World leaders live.   Will that include the Pope?  That’s another story.

There is a fence around the White House, are we to tear it down?   We know there isn’t a Christian occupying the White House……..for now.

Builders of walls are not Christian?    I guess the drug dealers, rapists (and yes there are some), thieves, criminals of all sorts that cross this wall-less border are Christians?   Of course many, most maybe are Christian sinners.   Many sinners are Christian…… the Pope is supposed to forgive sinners; not call them non-Christians.   I suppose he does that too, says who is Christian and who is not?   I am not a religious scholar…….   How do you call a wall builder a non-Christian when you are circled by a wall?

I believe it is difficult for the Pope, any religious leader to stay out of politics…….I am not sure that they should, especially today.   I think it gets sketchy when you determine someone’s religion by their politics and policy, when their intention is what is best for a country and mankind.  Protection …….security and safeguarding a nation can not be wrong.

FYI: I am Catholic and a sinner, but I ask for God’s forgiveness;  not the Popes.