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Great Trump news — The Unseen Moon

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THE NEW YORK TIMES and its disreputable cohort The Washington Post, which once were great newspapers, now publish slanted or outright fake news about the president on a daily basis due to their Woke, transgendered and intersectional staffs, so let’s look elsewhere for honest reporting and opinion. Let’s start with the New York Post and […]

Great Trump news — The Unseen Moon

FAR FETCHED? Why do so many spontaneous plans seem well planned afterwards?

Is the “Perfect Storm” About to Start? https://www.henrymakow.com/2017/11/is-the-storm.html +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ November 3, 2017 (Grim weekend ahead?) A conspiracy nut’s paranoid vision? We hope so! Many “drills” like the one planned for this weekend went “live.” They could simulate total grid collapse, erase digital money and blame North Korea. Ryan M’s nightmare scenario is well reasoned. “According to The National […]

via Is the “Perfect Storm” About to Start? ~ “…On Thursday, October 5th U.S. President Trump calmly stated before a White House dinner, “You guys know what this represents?” Trumped paused, “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm” he casually said. A reporter then asked “What Storm?” Trump replied, “We have the world’s great military people in this room I will tell you that”. “What storm Mr. President?” You’ll find out, Trump replied. Trump’s cryptic message was the talk of both mainstream and alternative news. What exactly did he mean?…” ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — BLOGGIN’ BAD w/ Gunny G! ~ HEY! NO MORE PC, REMEMBER? ~AMERICA CANNOT BE GREAT AGAIN UNTIL THE STAIN, STIGMA, STENCH AND SHAME OF “THE PRINCE OF FOOLS” IS OFFICIALLY AND FINALLY BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, AINOs (AMERICANS IN NAME ONLY) EXPOSED, AND THE SWAMP FLUSHED! -POTUS .45 TRUMP COCKED and LOCKED!…..-ONE RIGHTEOUS MAN–IF WE CAN KEEP HIM! ~ Illegitimi non carborundum…



“Pssst, what the hell is the difference between classified and unclassified, why don’t I know the difference; and why didn’t you tell me.”

Has anyone, ask the question:  How DID Hillary send Classified, Top Secret information?  If as she claimed, she did not send classified information via her personal email, how did she send it?   She has also stated it wasn’t classified when she received it.   At what point did it become classified?   It is a serious problem if your Secretary of State, who now is seeking the Presidency doesn’t understand or recognize what is classified or top secret and what is not.   We’ve all been saying that, that’s nothing new to this saga.  We all know Hillary sent and received classified information by now, Hillary and her supporters are the only ones who deny it……  It maybe the closest we will get to a confession from Hillary “It wasn’t classified when I received it?”   Hillary counts on stupidity, that is what she thinks of We the People.  Obama sent Hillary emails himself, he had to know her email address to do so.   How many emails sent by Obama were classified?

I don’t believe we can make the case that Hillary is in denial.   She denies, denies, denies; no, she simply lies, lies, lies.   She has always lied, it is a habit, I’ll even say a disease.  Hillary is sick, criminally sick.

Hillary’s supporters, some of those that are assistants, aren’t in denial.   They have been infected; her disease spread, they share the same symptoms. There are a large number of Hillary supporters that just absolutely believe Hillary is a victim constantly being accused of wrong doing.   Hillary plays the victim when backed into a corner, she always has.   One Symptom of heart failure and cancer is denial.   Hillary’s followers, committed voters are in denial, the symptom. They are oblivious. There is no other answer, look at her history, there is always another scandal around the corner.   How many don’t we know about?   Bill and Hillary Clinton are the king and queen of cover-up.

Obama has an issue to face, if his DOJ doesn’t indict Hillary, he will hear from the masses, to include the FBI.   If the DOJ does indict, how deep does Hillary pull Obama into the mud?

Just heard The New York Times has added their endorsement to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.   The New York Times didn’t take their vaccination did they?  They are infected.    Not really a surprise here.   The Times has lost credibility.