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PSALM 34:22

Have a wonderful day!

PSALM 25:6-7

Lots of rain! 11 inches in 6 hours, causing interstate 70 to be closed, and some other local roads…….flash flooding.

I have a net in my basement along with my art studio, and this computer. I was hitting some golf balls into the net, a ball rolled away from me into a puddle of water. That is when I realized our basement had water in it. The good news, there are no cracks in the walls, it didn’t come in from the walls or the seam, where the floor joins the walls. There was a hairline crack (very slight) in the floor where it came in from the ground the basement sets. It is drying up without the use of any fans or soaking it up. We are fortunate, some people had inches of water in their entire basements. Our’s limited to one spot, about the size of an average bathroom. So, while most hairline cracks don’t need patching, this one will; just in case we ever have rainfall like this again…………and we surely will. This is an easy fix, others may have more serious foundation issues. Our cracks aren’t foundational.

Have a wonderful day…………praying for some sunshine now. Of course it is supposed to rain again today and tomorrow………..not much though.

JOHN 14:26

The reminder is coming. If we aren’t good with God yet, time could run out. Get good with God. I want to be better with God than I have been. I don’t want time running out …………I don’t want Him asking me “Where have you been?” Though He already knows!

Have a wonderful day! Its a beautiful morning here in Missouri.

Thank you Lord.