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The Deep State: 1967 Recording Reveals All

Mike Pence: Mr. Hearsay! (Arlin Report thought(s) for the day!

Bring him in! Quiz Mike Pence on Donald Trump and Jan. 6th! What did Trump say? What did you hear Trump say and tell people Mike? Were you not inside Trump’s head Mike? Are you still upset because Trump (on more than one occasion) said you had no testicles? Oh and Mike, didn’t you ask Pelosi why she had a film crew at the Capitol that day? Did you ask or do you know why Nance turned down National Guard Troops? Offered by Trump? Oh and Mike, will we find out what happened on that day was more staged and/or just allowed to happen the way it did to frame Trump. Isn’t it true you have your own aspirations to be president; therefore removing Trump would make it easier for you wouldn’t it Mike? So what tales will you tell this joke of a Special Counsel? Mike, you are so Deep State! You fit in the game of Swamp Rats perfectly. What salary is the SPECIAL COUNSEL stealing from American taxpayers …………..yet again?


Hope all of you are well. I haven’t been posting like I once did. Finding I have little significant influence, and probably was fooling myself that I ever did. Just trying to make a little difference in the world. Not even posting many Thought(s) of the Day anymore. Feel like I am just repeating myself. Corruption is never going to end and I never believed it would, but……..a little true justice would be good to see once in awhile where it would really matter. The Deep State, along with elites who think they rule us (and have been) accompanied by a totally corrupt media are destroying our quality of life and our freedom. We are constantly lied to, deceived (which is destructive lie) and we have been worn out because of THEIR relentless, power striving selfish manner. Citizens don’t fight back like we once did. We cave in. We have allowed our power of will to be dragged down, where there is or we see little hope in any change. Our government is an organized destroyer of HOPE.

Those in governing positions in our nation pretend to OPPOSE ONE ANOTHER to find solutions to our problems. Instead they spend most of their time fundraising and hounding us for money to keep their sorry butts in office. Their true opponents are the American people and that they are united on. They don’t work for us, they work on us, against us. Just look at the characters in BOTH party’s across this land, especially the ones in both houses of Congress and the White House, along with governors. They are pathetic jokes. Clowns! And we don’t vote them out, because we allow a corrupt system.

We don’t have a president! We have a committee chosen by the Deep State (controlled mostly by a Socialist Democratic Party) ruling as they please. Power and world control. Destruction of Americans and America is their goal in our side of the world. Bring down America, the world will follow. Globalism!

I don’t usually go political on my Bible verses I post. But, it’s the most viewed article I post anymore. I am taking about a 10 day vacation. Will not be posting during that time. Will be my longest drought in about 9 years. I hope to come back fresh and inspired. The one hope we can count on is Christ! That I believe and He lives for us!

Have a great 10 days!

I don’t care!!

Some care, more are waking up, slowly unfortunately. Corruption has been the problem for a very long time. Instead of doing anything about it, it progressively got worse; to appoint that those who are to hold the corrupt accountable are themselves corrupt; therefore nobody is held accountable. Only a smidgeon of less than a handful (little guys) are held to accountability. They slap them on the wrist to quiet us down, so they march on with their party of corruption……..The Deep State.  We must be willing to stand up to it……up till now we have failed.  Deep State carries on!  (Arlin Report comment)


I don’t give a rat’s ass who knows it, but this government is riddled with corruption! From the very top to the gofer scrabbling around in the shadows trying to make a buck. The problem is that no one seems to care… not the mayor, not the church, nor the teachers not even Mom and Dad. Let someone else that care of the mess.

This day we stand on the precipice of a world at war. Do we even care?

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Lawmakers (count is up to about 38 now….and mounting) want Biden to take cognitive test(s), ASAP. Yep the Big Guy! This same guy that supposedly spent an hour on the phone with Putin Friday (supposedly). Can you only imagine, this whimper of a president that struggles to read a teleprompter, stammers in press conferences/briefings (when he gives one), has to be corrected/reminded where he is; on a phone conversation with the Russian leader (Putin) during a tense crisis! I know the Biden Administration doesn’t want us to question anything (or we’re labeled domestic terrorists) BUT……..who is monitoring those calls? ‘ Hang on Vladi……Joe will be right back he had to go potty!’ Putin would need an interpreter, not for translation of words, but to put words together just to make some sense of it all! Putin would get more from a conversation with my 2 year old granddaughter. Seriously……….how many times have you listened to the Biden lectures and then said to yourself “What?, what is he even saying? What has Tinker Bell got to do with this?” Oh!! Joe’s mind is in Disney World! Putin has to be getting off the phone, shaking his head, laughing and saying “I don’t know what he (Biden) even said; this is going to be so easy!” I would bet deep down, Putin really does like being challenged. This WH doesn’t provide it! It is frightening that Joe Biden is in any discussion over “anything” of interests to the United States. National Security, this guy is in charge of our National Security? If I had family in the military right now, I’d be deeply concerned. Remember Joe’s mishandling of Afghanistan.

If they do test Joe’s mental capacity, we won’t know the true results. This is the Deep State testing one of their top (once top) Deep State players. Nothing is ever shown as it really is! They’ll tuck it away in a file and put it in a vault for 50 years. it is just that easy! Or burn it in the fireplace or flush it down the golden toilet! By now we should all know this is our corrupt government………working it’s daily business! Kamala will enter the room and proudly announce to all she did it…..”I got rid of all the evidence of Joe’s lost mind!” And this will be her greatest achievement as V.P.!

Now obviously I might be a little fetched here, but not too far! You have to at least wonder about it all! I was just asking questions ! Who’s that knocking on my door?


Time to shift gears!

Automatic Transmission Problems Shifting Gears | Toyota of Manchester
Toyota photo

Thanks for confirming what we already knew or suspected. But, admission does not solve the problem, when it is always left in idle! Politicians are professionals at this; as if informing us, often misinforming will satisfy the masses. Hence, most believe their jobs are complete, in their disturbed minds. So they think! What they do (in part) is buy time, because they have no solutions, no plan. While stuck in idle, the impression is………..their working on it. Maybe they are, in the back room where you can’t see!

We should have known, that Joe’s Infrastructure Bill was full of crap. If you know the true meaning of infrastructure, not Biden’s version or his handlers, why build something Americans weren’t going to even use! No point in repairing that highway to the West, when your being caged up, locked down. Biden and Company’s new normal. Travel is being restricted and so forth! Why build a bridge with your tax money you aren’t going to be allowed to cross! That bill was going to benefit only those who passed it! Money always finds it’s way in the politicians pockets or corporate entities that support them. Campaigns and campaign donors work it all out ahead……..lobbyist and often not in campaigns but in the halls of legislatures. That is a story for another day!!

Being stuck in idle, is aside from buying time, it leaves them with not making a decision at all, ignoring whatever. One good example of that is accountability. We witness this all the time! It is the most frustrating, especially when we have that information (what I mentioned above) right in front of us……….and political criminals are not punished, but protected. Because the only thing in Washington D.C. that runs to perfection is the CORRUPTION PROCESS, also known as The Swamp, The Deep State.

The Biden Administration’s border policy is: Just leave it alone, it will work it’s way out! The policy is there is no policy! He/they see no problem. They do, they just welcome it, they believe down the road it benefits the Democratic (Socialists) Party. So they ignore! Ignore comes from ignorance!

IDLE? We the People are in idle, right where The Swamp, D.C. wants us!

Time for We the People to shift from that idle position into gear, not reverse…………..and press the peddle down! NOW!


Giving aid to our enemies is not uncommon, it just goes AGAINST COMMON SENSE! Americans are still being held hostage in Afghanistan, yet Biden gives up 64 Million (your tax dollars) to the TALIBAN! That on top of 83-85 Billion dollars in weapons and military equipment. Oh, and the Taliban want more U.S. dollars! It wasn’t enough for their liking!

The Deep State is in total command, (if not totally, damn close). Joe Biden is their puppet up front. Yes, they had to place a career politician up front. One that has spent nearly 50 years of taking credit for……nearly everything, while doing nothing. The Democratic Socialist far Left are quite willing to have this lunatic take credit for all THEY DIRECT HIM TO DO. He, Creepy Joe is more than willing, he creams in his pants (sorry for that visual) at thinking he is THE BOSS! Joe Biden when left unattended, does not know which door to come in from or to exit (except to turn and run).

Donald Trump was right: “The Deep State is deeper, worse than we even thought” (to paraphrase). Make no mistake about it, many Republicans are Deep State members. Much of their vocal opposition is just that……….NOISE (Senator Graham, just for one). Republicans are the party of BARK AND NO BITE! If they had any bite to them, there would be “some” accountability, but there is none! Lying to Congress? It’s OKAY! Think about it though, those testifying to Congress and lie, even caught or later proven to have lied (Fauci for one) escape punishment; basically because liars are lying to liars (Congress/the Deep State). All you see before you/us is THE DEEP STATE PLAY ACTION.

Yes I know, “not so much uncommon practices, would be common practices. But they are practices that SHOULD NOT BE COMMON.

America’s Treasonous Deep State Favors China over US — Praying Citizen

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO VIDEO CHANNEL ON Rumble or Brighteon or Bitchute or YouTube In the latest installment of “get Trump,” a new book called “Peril” by Watergate journalist Bob Woodward and Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, exposes another coup attempt, this time by Trump’s top defense advisor and his deep state cohorts in the intelligence community. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs […]

America’s Treasonous Deep State Favors China over US — Praying Citizen

joe biden isn’t a don (arlin report thought(s) of the day

And I don’t mean as a Donald Trump! Joe Biden has always given the impression he is a Godfather type of crime families. Maybe his direct family he is. Joe Biden is not the leader of America’s organized crime center…………..known as the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.). D.C. is the home base or headquarters of the most destructive organized crime family in America, OUR GOVERNMENT. Joe Biden is a puppet of the corrupt masses, those that have been there too long. Biden has never led anything. He takes orders, he always has! I give him credit, he is a great actor, pretender………LIAR.

Someone recently posted a blog asking “Why isn’t Hunter Biden in jail?”. My response was “Hunter isn’t in jail for the same reason daddy Joe isn’t in jail. The organized crime syndicate in D.C., the Deep State, protects their own kind.” They don’t just cover Democrats, but all filthy corrupt political and government officials (ALL), Republicans, Independents and Socialists alike. Washington is so corrupt, the city should be burned to the ground. All the government buildings and institutions are so tainted, the halls are haunted. The people occupying office space in these buildings and walking the halls, the governing officials in fraudulent meetings pretending to represent our wishes have no respect for these institutions and haven’t for a long time. Power, authority and money is all they seek, at OUR expense. There isn’t enough jail space for them all, but plenty of rope!

Recently, JOE BIDEN was on stage and could not keep his disgusting PEDOPHILIAC thoughts to himself, made a comment directed towards a little girl (“sitting nice and pretty, looking like a 19 year old with her legs crossed” to paraphrase). If that were my grandchild or even my older daughter, I’d want to break the assholes jaw. If I were in his company (Biden’s) he’d certainly need the Secret Service’s protection. I would not let him get away with that kind of inappropriate remark. There are definitely two sets (if not more) of standards today, and D.C. skates by as usual. However, they’d be impeaching Trump again if he made a remark like that!

They are soooooo bothered by the events of January 6, that their space got invaded, you know their hallowed grounds. Space THEY have corrupt for many years. Corruption passes through at a greater pace than anything good. Corruption in D.C. is sought after more than good. What they consider good is what is only good for them.

A bull dozer could go through all of D.C. and turn the ground over, the stench would still be unbearable. We the People should, must rebuild America, make America truly great again, have a new center, a Center of the American People. All those currently in government not allowed! Sorry about that to the few that are good………but you could have done more and didn’t.