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So the Civil War never happened?     Take a symbol of our past and throw it in the trash, and it is gone!   How do you educate about the Civil War in an American History class, without the Confederate flag?

State governments plan on stuffing the flag in  museums now, out of sight.  If the flag is so offensive, how is it less offensive in a public museum?   Museums hold items, artifacts of historic interests, specifically for public viewing.    When someone starts complaining they saw a Confederate flag in a museum and “OMG I was offended”; are we then removing it from it’s case or off the wall?

With or without that flag or any flag, this country would still have the violence and murder rate of today.    I will bet the house, the murder rate does not drop when the Confederate flag is out of sight.

There is a lot more that should be and is offensive in this country than a flag that represents part of history, the good and the bad.

If we put a fraction of our energy into the offenses of Obama and our government as those bitching about the Confederate flag?  Now that I would stand behind and along side you.