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Biden Has Always Been a Doofus… — MCViewPoint

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Biden Has Always Been a Doofus… — MCViewPoint

I second this, but, he is bigger than a Doofus, he is a moron. I watched the Clarence Thomas hearing back in the day. Biden tried desperately to present himself as a “big shot smart guy” . Like today he made little sense. When heat was on him, he’d slide the mic over to someone else, as he would get nervously stumped. Thing is he gave the microphone up to another bonehead, Teddy Kennedy. Just imagine the circus lead by ring masters Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy. (Arlin Report comment)

arlin report thought(s) of the day: they don’t call it liberal arts for nothing!

Alexandria Ocasion-Cortez is the poster child of our children having been dumbed down by the educational system. You might even say she is a victim, she doesn’t know better. She is truly a lost child, I say child as she still has the mind of one. Clearly with all this education, she has not learned anything! Here is where the problem lies, she has been catered along: Gets an asteroid named after her for winning 2nd Place!!! How many participation awards? Interned for Senator Ted Kennedy. LOL, what did he teach her? International relations and economics……….I need to speak to those instructors!!! She learned nothing! Hey, she made it though!

Trust in only the Lord, question all others.

James Woods is that you behind that Joe Biden mask? LOL

James Woods Doesn't Think Joe Biden Would Last Six Months as Preisdent

I want to see the video of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Military Tribunal supposedly scheduled for April 8th.