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arlin report thought(s) of the day: stock watching

I have a little, and I mean a little, invested in a couple of stocks. These are outside what I have in my 401K. I’ll even tell you I have them through TD Ameritrade. For awhile, I’d go to the website and watch how the days market activity effected my stocks. You can set and watch them change by the minute………usually no to little change seen, until closer to the end of the day. I’d even watch for an hour or two, as watching the price changes was fascinating. However, I have recently found if you want to get a better idea how much it changed each stock’s value, don’t watch by the hour or even daily. Check once a week. I looked at my stock’s for the first time in over a week and bam……..they had moved up in value a bit; enough change that it was instantly noticeable.

It’s actually fun working the market, and it doesn’t take a huge investment to get going……….even for an old retired guy like me.

So have some fun………..what the hell we only live once!