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Arlin report thought of the day: turning your back

Many believe we turned our back on the Kurd’s in Syria. I would like to think or hope that when our troops made their exit, they did not turn their back’s to the Kurd’s but backed out instead. If when in the Middle East, never, never, never turn your back.


isis or adam schiff……..greatest threat? And little joe biden

I am not nearly as concerned about Syria and the escape of ISIS terrorists as I am Adam Schiff holding committee hearings secretively in a basement on The Hill. Schiff is hiding his corrupt tactics of running a hearing from view of the American public. Welcome to Socialism America!

Adam Schiff and the House Democrats are a greater threat to our democracy than Russia, Turkey, Iran or ISIS for that matter. By the way did you catch Joe Biden’s comment that ISIS would be attacking us here in the U.S. because Trump pulled out our troops from Syria? Biden and his Democratic look-a-likes are more interested in the Syrian border than our U.S. border. Joe, don’t leave our border open and make it easy on ISIS if you are now so concerned. Don’t preach to us about security when you are willing to leave our borders exposed. You are more concerned (or pretend to be) for the Kurds than for Americans here at home. By the way Joe, you and Obama are responsible for the rise of ISIS in the first place.

Joe Biden and his son Hunter have sold us out before. Joe would do it again for the love of money.


Say something outrageous as a commentator on a major news network, you go viral.  Placing thoughts in the minds of viewers, that are made up, fantasy and often just plain stupidity, creates mindless nonexistent events to appear real.  Oh this could have happened………unmerited speculation is dangerous.   The dumbing-down process has been well versed, orchestrated by the media.

A guest commentator on the Maddow stage show; brought up the idea that Putin/Russia assisted/encourage/prodded Trump from backstage to bomb the Syrian military air base; a Russian/American or Putin/Trump conspiracy.  He even as kind of verbal sidebar said, “it may only be a 5% chance of being true.”; but carried on as though it were likely.  If you just turned to the program, it would have appeared to be an actual reporting.   Seriously?   Russia provides Syria with its war planes, then helps Trump blow them up?   Right!!    Proof, these people can’t report the real news, the truth; especially if it doesn’t meet their agenda.   OH MY GOD……..a President that may have stepped to the plate and did something against the inhumanity in Syria, “We can’t report anything positive on Trump”.

Common sense in the media no longer exists.