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arlin report thought(s) of the day: somebody has been in the basement too long

To paraphrase Joe Biden from just moments ago speaking to Pennsylvania teachers: “I used to be a county commissioner, I ran for Senate because BEING A COUNTY COMMISSIONER WAS TOO HARD!” Are you going to speak to the energy laborers today in Penn. Joe? Probably not after informing the nation in the debate that you want to phase out oil and gas!

Joe Biden just told Pennsylvania he would not ban fracking! Will in the primary Democratic Debates he said “We’re going to PHASE OUT FRACKING” (ELIMINATE FRACKING). So which is it Joe? Oh wait it depends on who you are speaking to! Careful what you say Joe, you’ve been previously recorded. You’ve probably forgotten that! You are like a grasshopper that can’t stay on one site. Jumpy! Jumpy lying Joe Biden. Why didn’t you talk to those teachers today about foreign policy? Because you’d have to mention CHINA! CHINA JOE!

Joe, had you been president back in January………you would not have closed the border to China like Trump did! You criticized him for it………all the way beyond March. The death rate from COVID would have been 3-5 times greater under your keep the borders open policy. We’d have had 600,000 to 1,000,000 deaths by now. Look at your Swine Flu management? YOU WERE DISASTEROUS. Just like your failed foreign policy! Except your personal gain. Quit pretending to be this family man, this great father, you used your drug addicted son as a “Bag man”!

47 years of failure to America! 47 years of personal gain for the Biden Crime Family!

Biden said Trump he: “He hasn’t done a thing”! Joe you’ve been in the basement too long! You are the one in 47 years, never did a thing. Your failures = doing nothing, except someone else cleaning up after you.